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Episode 38 A+A Podcast: Mindfulness + Magic - Aligning to Your Next Level

Mindfulness + Magic - Aligning to Your Next Level

I'm sure you're already very familiar with setting intentions, being conscious of the choices you're making and trying to be present and mindful. Ellen J Langer's Mindfulness research tells us that being mindful about the way we do things makes a BIG difference to outcomes.

In this episode, we get very mindful about aligning our thoughts, feelings, words and actions with our next level of success, happiness, or some other form of expansion or change. Dive in now...



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Episode 37 A+A Podcast: Aligning Your Schedule

Aligning Your Schedule

As entrepreneurs we often have so much ability to create and refine a schedule that works for us and it's something we can benefit from revisiting regularly for a refresh.

Use this episode to look ahead to the new year (or next natural opportunity for a refresh - next quarter, school term or financial year) and determine what changes you'd like to make.

I share what aligning my schedule looked like early in my business (I was VERY work-oriented), how it looks now and what comes first (I love my clients but the business is well down the list!) and some considerations for me as I look ahead to next year when our family situation will change as my partner will be doing a lot of international travel.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


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Episode 36 A+A Podcast: Integrating your Identity

Integrating your identity

In this episode we look at integrating your past and future identities.

You will have the opportunity to release past identities that you've outgrown, past failures, times you were junior or a beginner, or stories or beliefs from the past that no longer serve you.

You can reclaim past positive qualities associated with success you may have disconnected from that could serve you now. For example, that time you set and achieved a big goal, your previous achievements, a time you felt in control and powerful despite challenge, and times that just felt balanced, happy, good.

You'll also feel into who you need to be to achieve any future goals or to step into a more expansive future where you have more capacity - for happiness, joy, abundance, complexity, or whatever you desire. 


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Episode 35 A+A Podcast: Aligning with your business

Aligning with Your Business

In my book, Align + Attract - Align Your Energy to Create a Business you Actually Love, I share an exercise where the main character Anna writes a letter to her business. She asks her business what it wants, and then shares the response from her business. 

As I share in the episode, this was actually the letter I wrote to my own business back in 2010, and the reply I received. I still have it! I follow up with a letter I wrote to my business just recently. Listen to the episode now.



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Episode 34 A+A Podcast: Being Intentional with your Friend and Support Network

Being Intentional with your Friend and Support Network.

Who are the people who you are currently closest to? Do you feel like you have the connection you desire, and the support you need? 

According to Robin Dunbar, the brain has specific numbers of relationships we're able to maintain at any one time. In terms of our very closest relationships - we each have just 4-6! That includes family members. The next level out - our best friends and other family is 10-15, inclusive of the first group. It makes sense to be very intentional about who these people are. This doesn't necessarily mean cutting people off, just noticing where you put your time and energy.

We might feel we can manage more relationships than this but Dunbar says it's actually a zero sum game - if a significant new person comes in, it does push someone out. And spreading ourselves too thin by trying to sustain more close relationships doesn't necessarily work. 

This is so important for us to consider...

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Episode 33 A+A Podcast: Creating Alignment from Chaos

Creating Alignment from Chaos

Does life feel a bit chaotic for you at the moment? If not, I'm sure you can remember a time it has. There can be everyday chaos such as the kind having little kids can create. Dealing with things like lockdowns can certainly create a feeling of chaos. Being tuned in to drama on or offline can contribute. Feelings of chaos can come from difficult relationships, or childhood stuff.

Then there is the kind of chaos that comes from rapid business growth. So much can be triggered as there's a lot to manage and you're constantly being called to step into the new identity of who you need to be to thrive at your next level. This is a big reason a lot of my private Kinesiology clients work with me

In this podcast episode, I asks you to consider anything that feels a bit chaotic in your own life right now and then we do a group Kinesiology session to balance ourselves. We use the goal: "I feel clear, calm and focused on what is important to me." I can't...

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Episode 32 A+A Podcast: Aligning to Abundance

Aligning to Abundance

What is abundance for you?

  • Does it relate to money and goals you might have in your business?
  • Is it about the quality of your relationships?
  • Is it about time and energy?
  • Is it about having a rich life and feeling gratitude for all you have?

Likely, your definition of true abundance will include a combination of most or all of these elements.

In this episode of the podcast, Kerry will help you to feel aligned with abundance. Go through the process and then observe what flows for you!



Kerry's Alignment Process

In this podcast episode we used Kerry's Alignment Process which she created/downloaded in 2011. Since then she's taught it to hundreds of heart-centred business owners like you who have shared incredible shifts and changes. So many have called it life-changing.

DIY Kinesiology Kit

If you'd like to align to your personal goals using the Alignment Process, check out Kerry's DIY Kinesiology Kit:


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Episode 31 A+A Podcast: Quick Energy Uplift (Reiki)

Quick Energy Uplift (Reiki)

This week on the podcast I facilitated a Reiki healing for each of us. Join in to experience this and don't be surprised if some or all of the things I describe feel like they're very specific to you. Take what resonates and leave anything that doesn't. Enjoy!

If you'd like to book a personalised Reiki healing + report with Kerry to support and guide you through the next year or so, you can do that direct here

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Episode 30 A+A Podcast: My Best and Worst Launches

My Best and Worst Launches

In this episode I share my BEST and WORST launches. As I say at the start, I haven't had any really terrible launches where no one or very small numbers sign up, but equally I haven't had any really big launches either. A large part of this connects to audience size - I would need to grow my mailing list a lot to have substantially bigger launches. I've always been more focused on my lovely Kinesiology clients, with launching courses being a secondary way to work with me.

My launches fall in the middle and what makes one a success over another very much links to what I spoke about in episode 29: how I felt during it, how I showed up AND the final outcomes. 

Worst launch

I felt that my "worst" launch was the first launch I did of Align + Attract back in 2015. I had invested a lot of time AND money in my then new program and took a lot of expectations and even pressure into the launch - leading me to feel like it wasn't terribly successful. I felt...

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Episode 29 A+A Podcast: What Makes a Great Launch

What Makes a Great Launch?

The quick answer to this question is that of course YOU get to decide what makes a great launch for you. 

For most of us, outcomes do of course play a part, but feeling good during your launch and having a wider perspective are important too. 

What you consider a great launch might be influenced by the Season of Life you're in. Many of my clients balance running a launch with seeing clients, or their family life, or other commitments - it's not always realistic or a priority to go for the big results we may hear about in the industry.

Giving yourself permission to define a great launch for YOU can be empowering. Without an excessive focus on results as the only metric of success you can be a little more objective and hopefully enjoy it more too.

Here are four factors you might like to consider that could contribute to YOUR great launch:

1 - Committing to launching and creating your plan

If you've never launched or you avoid...

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