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Episode 84 A+A Podcast: Where can you start with Alignment?

Where can you start with Alignment?

A great place to start is to be honest about where you're at now - and start to clarify what you want. It's important to turn your focus on to what's right for you, rather than paying too much attention to what others are doing.

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Alongside the main character Anna, you'll be guided to reflect on your own business and progressively clarify what alignment looks like for you. Hope you love it!

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Episode 83 A+A Podcast: What does it mean to own it?

What does owning it mean to you?

To me, it starts with knowing who you are - particularly your strengths. But weaknesses too - perfectionism can really hold you back if you believe on some level that you can or should be perfect!
Accepting and BEING who you are is the next level of this.

  • Feeling comfortable to receive praise and acknowledgment
  • Putting yourself forward - being visible, seeking opportunities
  • Just doing the thing

If you get the feeling OWNING IT is something you'd like to do a bit more, you will LOVE my new workshop: OWN IT. Check it out and join us here: 

It's running live on Monday 10th July at 3:30pm Adelaide time (4pm Melbourne/Sydney).

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Episode 82 A+A Podcast: Intuitive is here! What does it take to bring your intuitive ideas to life?

Intuitive is here! What does it take to bring your intuitive ideas to life?

Intuitive has arrived:

What does it actually take to bring your intuitive ideas to life? We can feel that this process should be easy, effortless, and whilst the creative process can be, very often bringing a project to life comes with some hard work, and breaking through fears, doubts and uncertainty. But is it worth it? Yes!

Use this episode to reflect on your relationship with your own intuitive ideas and your process of bringing them to life.


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Episode 81 A+A Podcast: 5 Ways to use your Intuition in Business

5 Ways to use your Intuition in Business

1 - To access new ideas + creativity - join my free webinar. I'll guide you through processes to help clear your mind, connect to the present and release any bigger emotions so you can access your best intuition and creativity:

2 - Tune into your ideal clients - meditation (we have one of these in my new program: Intuitive)

3 - Visualise a successful outcome of something - then allow your intuition to guide you to your first steps (you have a meditation for this process in Intuitive)

4 - Making decisions - this works best when we cultivate our present moment awareness and connection to our own body and instincts in an ongoing way. Use your body to feel into the options.

5 - Journalling. Try using open-ended questions you have about your business (the ones you just WISH someone else could answer for you!) and journalling on the answers.

 I always love hearing your thoughts over at Instagram: ...

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Episode 80 A+A Podcast: Intuition and past lives

Intuition and past lives

I've been working with past lives since about 2010 and yet I think this episode is the first time I've talked about this publicly.

If you're open to exploring your past lives, they can be very helpful at revealing certain patterns and lessons, can sometimes help explain certain challenges you may experience in this lifetime and can also make you more aware of the possibilities and opportunities you DO have available in this lifetime. To me, it's more important to discern if the story that is revealed resonates with what you're going through or exploring in this lifetime and illuminates lessons - rather than proving if past lives are or are not real.


I share a few examples of past lives I've explored for myself when delving into deeply intuitive work, including as I now create my new program: Intuitive.

I also share a (free!) resource you can use to explore your own past lifetimes further if you wish.

In "Intuitive", I'll be taking us through a...

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Episode 79 A+A Podcast: How to be more present

How to be more present

Many of us understand the importance of being present, but if you realise that you're not as present as you'd like to be, how do you change it? That's what we explore in today's episode. We also look at how being present can help you become more intuitive. Hope you love the ep!

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Episode 78 A+A Podcast: How can you become more intuitive?

How can you become more intuitive?

We can all learn how to become more intuitive - certain practices can really help. I'll talk you through some of the most supportive practices. Some of these may feel like a reminder or reinforcement, and you'll get ideas of some things you might like to experiment with too.

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Episode 77 A+A Podcast: 5 ways we block our intuition (and what to do about it)

5 ways we block our intuition (and what to do about it)

We explore 5 ways we can block our intuition - and what we can do about it.

    1. Busy mind
    2. Not present
    3. Strong emotions - fear, desire
    4. No space to listen/receive/don’t want to know
    5. Lack of self-trust



Let's go deeper on the 5 ways we block our intuition.

We are all intuitive to some degree, but sometimes our intuition can be blocked. Let's explore 5 ways this can happen.

  • The first is having a busy mind. When you are constantly thinking about the past, worrying about the future, or being self-critical, it's challenging to access your intuition. Yoga, meditation, or other practices that help still the mind can help.
  • The second way that people block their intuition is by not being present. When you feel ungrounded, spacey, or unfocused, it's challenging to access your intuition. When you are grounded and focused on the present moment, you can develop greater access to your intuition.

  • The third way that people...

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Episode 76 A+A Podcast: How do you receive intuitive messages?

How do you receive intuitive messages?

Knowing how you receive your own intuitive messages can really help when you're looking to access more of your own intuition.


In this episode, we look at some of the ways we can receive intuitive messages, and find examples of times you have experienced these:

  • Clairsentience - feeling or knowing something
  • Clairaudience - hearing something or sensing it in the form of words (you might feel that you thought it)
  • Clairvoyance - receiving a visual or a metaphor that can help explain something that is happening right now, or that may happen in the future
  • Dreams, repeating numbers or symbols, telepathy, in-the-moment nudges are all ways people in my community have said they receive messages. Do you have another way to share? Tell me on Instagram 

I'm teaching a new course on developing your intuition starting soon, sign up to the interest list here

Work with me:

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Episode 75 A+A Podcast: 2023 - The Year Ahead!

2023 - The Year Ahead!

Have you ever looked into numerology for your personal and universal year?

2023 is a 7 year which can mean a greater focus on intuition and spirituality. Are you feeling that for this year?


Your personal year is important too - I'm currently in a 1 year and I talk about what that means for me and what I'll be creating this year.

Here's a calculator so you can determine your own personal year:



Reiki Healing for 2023:
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Private sessions:


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