I help high-achievers like you to release blocks and align with what you truly desire in your life and business.

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I help high-achievers like you to release blocks and align with what you truly desire in your life and business.

Start now with my podcast

Would you love to create and grow an aligned business?

Many of us start out in business feeling very inspired and excited, but the truth is, creating and growing a business can bring up many challenges and blocks. The initial excitement can soon give way to long hours, unexpected hurdles, confusion or overwhelm (or all of the above!)

I wrote my book: Align + Attract: Align Your Energy to Create a Business you Actually Love, to help guide you back into alignment and connection with your own wisdom. You’ll see (fictitious) Anna hit up against the kinds of challenges we all face, and progressively come into a greater state of alignment.


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About the author

Kerry Rowett is a Holistic Kinesiologist + Reiki Master based in Adelaide, Australia, who is known for helping her worldwide clientele create powerful results and transformations. She now predominantly works with her entrepreneurial clients in her group program: Align + Attract , which teaches participants how to identify their specific blocks, get out of their own way, and how to align their energy to their goals. She also works with private clients. Kerry has been evolving and growing her own business since 2009 and has been teaching alignment to other practitioners and entrepreneurs since 2011.

This book came at absolute perfect timing for me. I was feeling very confused and disheartened about my business and had completely lost my way. I was being bombarded by business advice but was so out of touch with what I really wanted. Reading Align & Attract felt like a deep sigh of relief. Although the story of Anna was being told, it was truly about MY journey- my desires, my alignment, my business.

Hayley Gerblich

Loved this book and got so much out of it. I particularly enjoyed the alignment practices at the end of each chapter and since reading I am now enjoying going through a transformation within my own business as the flow on effect of the practices occurs! This is an easy, well written book that I am sure many people will relate too. It’s full of practical, grounded and powerful reflections that actually work. This is a book I will go back to time and time again. Highly recommended.

Sara Brooke

I laughed, cried, yelled and aligned with Anna. Kerry has captured the exact issues we face as small business owners and having the journal to work through each section as we went through the journey with Anna is pure genius. Nothing like looking at our business step by step broken down into chapters. I want to meet Anna and have a good chat to her over a coffee, I think we could be good friends and help each other build our businesses together.

Mille Jane

What I love about this book is that Kerry shares a practical and engaging story about a woman setting up a business in the real world. She is not preachy or pretends that everything will just be “fine” — she is real about the challenges that entrepreneurs face, and gives so many practical steps and ideas to support the development of your business in a way that is truly aligned with the life that you want to create.

Ezzie Spencer

This book resonated with me on so many levels, but even more importantly, it helped me to create real-life shifts in my business, meaning a flurry of new clients and activity, after only the first few chapters! I love how relatable the characters and the story are, and the prompts for reflection and journaling are brilliant. A must-have book for doing business YOUR way (which is the only way that works anyway). Love it!

Jacqui Calvert

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