Episode 96 A+A Podcast: Why align to your clients?

Why align to your clients?

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Well the obvious reason to align to your clients is because it WORKS.

Aligning to attracting wonderful clients who wanted and needed what I offered, were committed and ready for change, who understood the value of Kinesiology + working with me (even if they didn't actually understand Kinesiology itself at all) was EXACTLY how I grew my business to capacity when I started working with clients way back in 2009 and 2010.


Even now, I spend time aligning to attract wonderful clients, both for my private work, and for courses and programs I teach, including Align + Attract (the doors are open NOW - have you joined yet?!) It works so beautifully and I believe it's a big reason why my clients are so incredible. Kind, smart, committed, creative, intuitive, they take responsibility for their results - and they get them. It's so inspiring to work with women like this ❤️

When you work with clients who are really aligned with you and what you offer, things flow so much more easily. This doesn't need to be a happy accident. You can intentionally create this.

So if you find that you sometimes attract clients who:

* Don't "get" or value what you do as much as they could
* Are not that committed
* You feel are "difficult" in some way

I recommend you try aligning to your clients.

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