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Episode 120 A+A Podcast: Are we in a Paradigm Shift in the online business space?

Are we in a Paradigm Shift in the online space?

It's no secret that there are many changes taking place in the online space and a number of people are experiencing an income plateau or dip as a result - not all of course!

So - are we in a paradigm shift?

We are seeing big changes in:

  • Social media
  • Launching
  • AI

How are these going to shape the way we work, create and sell moving forward?
And for your own work - do you need to evolve how you describe what you do and how you help your clients achieve their goals and solve problems in new ways to meet your clients and the market where it is right now?
If we ARE in a paradigm shift - are you going to:

  • Hold onto the past
  • Focus on details, quick wins or trends and create temporary changes
  • Do the deeper work to feel into what is needed now, the next evolution of your own work and how you might lead and thrive in the energies of today

Love to chat about this one with you, message me on Instagram to share what you're seeing: ...

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Episode 119 A+A Podcast: The Best Way to Change a Belief

The Best Way to Change a Belief

I've been listening to The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett and I'm really enjoying it. Steven shared how to change a belief. It was great. Except for this ONE VERY OBVIOUS-TO-ME PROBLEM. I share the problem I saw, and how you can solve that so that you can feel safer in changing a belief, especially when it's a belief you hold about yourself.


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Episode 118 A+A Podcast: Reclaiming your Power in Business

Reclaiming your Power in Business

Let's look at what can happen when we slip out of being in our power in our business - and create a real shift for you. Today we connect to two of your ancestors (relatives) to support you to do this so it's an extra woo episode. Hope you love it!

Good Enough workshop:

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Episode 117 A+A Podcast: The number one belief you need to grow your business

The number one belief you need to grow your business

What do YOU think is the number one belief you need to grow your business?

There are many beliefs that help but today I'm sharing the number one belief I see to come up as a block and why I see it to be so important to your success in growing your business.


I'm also sharing a brand new low-cost workshop to help you shift this belief and I'd LOVE you to join me. It will make SUCH a difference:

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Episode 116 A+A Podcast: Business Plateaus - Have you ever experienced one?

Business Plateaus - Have you ever experienced one?

Have you ever experienced a plateau in business?

This can come up when you’ve had a certain level of success and have reached a predictable level in your business - but you have capped out at a certain level.

You have often explored solutions - mindset, strategy, learning, healing - but it's not really helping

The plateau can look like an upper limit - Gay Hendricks of the Big Leap (but my clients will often already know that - and knowing it is not helping to shift it at this point!)
3 things I will often see are a loss of:

  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Purpose

You need to reconnect to yourself and your magic - but how?

I find this is a time to go deeper. YES you can move through it - and can come out the other side feeling more powerful than ever.

I work with my clients when they are in a plateau and know they need to go deeper and you can explore working with me 1:1 here:

Watch my...

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Episode 115 A+A Podcast: Should you run a live event?

Should you run a live event?

Have you considered running live events? Perhaps it's time to run one now. I'm certainly seeing a lot of people are craving in person experiences and for those of us who predominantly work online (like me!) creating an event can be a really fresh and beautiful way to connect with existing and new clients.

Let's explore this question together today. We'll work through these considerations:
1 - Do you want to run an event? If you're feeling a "yes" - keep going!
2 - Get clear on the purpose - for example, attract more clients, value add for clients, community, provide an experience, teach specific type of work, decide if you like running events, find a purpose for you running the event.
3 - Feel into the size and price point of the event - what do you want the experience to be like for participants? Think through logistics. Needs of your clients. What they want and need. What you want and need. How profitable does it need to be? Be wary of undercharging.
4 -...

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Episode 114 A+A Podcast: Dreaming...Bigger


What comes up when you think about dreaming bigger? Does it feel light, expansive, fun, or does it bring up fear, doubt or questions?

I ran a live event in Melbourne last week and spent the day with incredible business owners on this theme of dreaming bigger.

Join me for some reflections on what it means to dream bigger and use these to reflect on what dreaming bigger might look like for YOU.

1 - Going bigger doesn’t need to mean achieving, doing or having MORE, it can be deeper, richer, simpler
2 - Going too big in terms of outcomes CAN be overwhelming and demotivating UNLESS you break it down into smaller parts
3 - Achieving big goals is NOT what makes us happy. You won’t necessarily be happier if you achieve your big dream. You’ll probably be just about as happy as you are now. Hedonic adaptation and impact bias. BUT working towards goals DOES make you happy.
4 - You can focus on what DOES make you happier now. Sleep, movement, time affluence,...

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Episode 113 A+A Podcast: Changing your relationship with time

Changing your relationship with time

Today we're delving in to time, specifically changing your relationship with time. Ever said, "I'd love to x but I don't have enough time?" or felt a bit out of control of your time?

This episode will help.I help you clarify:
1 - What specifically you want more time for?
2 - What kind of time you need and how might you create it?
3 - What is this lack of time feeling REALLY about? The answer that presents for you might surprise you!


Love to hear your insights over at Instagram:
Find Kerry here:


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Episode 112 A+A Podcast: Releasing overwhelm - Zoom out to your bigger picture

Releasing overwhelm - Zoom out to your bigger picture

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and in the weeds in your business or life and caught up in details, you’ll love this episode where I help you to reorient your focus back on to your bigger picture. From this place, you can make choices and decisions that are more reflective of your true priorities and desires, and come back to taking action with a fresh perspective.

I guide you to explore questions like:

  • What is my bigger picture?
  • What am I really trying to achieve?
  • How can I make this easier for myself?
  • Where is the best place for me to focus right now?
  • What attitude or perspective would make this feel easy?

I’d love to hear your experience, share with me on Instagram

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Episode 111 A+A Podcast: Holding Yourself in Expansion

Holding Yourself in Expansion

Have you ever gained clarity on your vision, got excited about expansion and growth, perhaps committed to a bigger investment and then... something shifts (and not in a good way). It can feel totally unexpected.

  • Your energy collapses and all of a sudden you feel MORE uncertain and unclear than you did before
  • External energy collapses - bookings or money slow down or stop, clients cancel/reschedule, things feel messier or more chaotic
  • Other people react - melt downs, team quit or make big mistakes or you might have unexpected arguments with your partner



I have seen all these things happen for clients, sometimes all at once! In this episode we discuss why it happens and what to do about it.

Love to hear alll your thoughts over on Instagram, come share with me.

Previous podcast eps to check out:

  • Solving Upper Limit Problems (the Big Leap): ...
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