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Episode 31 A+A Podcast: Quick Energy Uplift (Reiki)

Quick Energy Uplift (Reiki)

This week on the podcast I facilitated a Reiki healing for each of us. Join in to experience this and don't be surprised if some or all of the things I describe feel like they're very specific to you. Take what resonates and leave anything that doesn't. Enjoy!

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Episode 30 A+A Podcast: My Best and Worst Launches

My Best and Worst Launches

In this episode I share my BEST and WORST launches. As I say at the start, I haven't had any really terrible launches where no one or very small numbers sign up, but equally I haven't had any really big launches either. A large part of this connects to audience size - I would need to grow my mailing list a lot to have substantially bigger launches. I've always been more focused on my lovely Kinesiology clients, with launching courses being a secondary way to work with me.

My launches fall in the middle and what makes one a success over another very much links to what I spoke about in episode 29: how I felt during it, how I showed up AND the final outcomes. 

Worst launch

I felt that my "worst" launch was the first launch I did of Align + Attract back in 2015. I had invested a lot of time AND money in my then new program and took a lot of expectations and even pressure into the launch - leading me to feel like it wasn't terribly successful. I felt...

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Episode 29 A+A Podcast: What Makes a Great Launch

What Makes a Great Launch?

The quick answer to this question is that of course YOU get to decide what makes a great launch for you. 

For most of us, outcomes do of course play a part, but feeling good during your launch and having a wider perspective are important too. 

What you consider a great launch might be influenced by the Season of Life you're in. Many of my clients balance running a launch with seeing clients, or their family life, or other commitments - it's not always realistic or a priority to go for the big results we may hear about in the industry.

Giving yourself permission to define a great launch for YOU can be empowering. Without an excessive focus on results as the only metric of success you can be a little more objective and hopefully enjoy it more too.

Here are four factors you might like to consider that could contribute to YOUR great launch:

1 - Committing to launching and creating your plan

If you've never launched or you avoid...

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Episode 28 A+A Podcast: Creating a Simple New Product

Creating a Simple New Product

Is it the right time for you to create a new product? Sometimes you feel like you're ready for a fresh injection of energy to your business, you see a need your clients have, you want to provide a new way to work with you or perhaps you can't work with your clients in your usual way and creating a digital product your clients would find useful is a win-win for them AND you.

In this episode, we look at four steps you might work through to create a new product.

1 - Pay attention to what your clients genuinely NEED.

Get curious. You might notice a particular theme or issue coming through in multiple sessions. You could pay attention to what your clients/audience respond to with more enthusiasm on social media, an article you write, a podcast interview or episode you do or a particular newsletter topic or theme that gets more opens or replies. See if you can figure out the core problem that is being highlighted that you can help with.

With my new Launch...

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Episode 27 A+A Podcast : Future You Visualisation for Stressful Times

Future You Visualisation for Stressful Times

At the time of publishing this episode (August 2021), a lot of Australia is in lockdown. If you're feeling the stress of that - or feeling stuck or challenged in any other way - I created this episode for you.

Lots of my clients, peers and friends are finding this period of time rough. Whilst we're not in lockdown in Adelaide, I've recently been reminded of a time in my life where I did feel very restricted and stuck.

I had very challenging period some years ago now after leaving a difficult relationship situation. I had some deep healing work to do but as I started to feel better, I felt unable to move forwards until an external thing happened - selling a property I was responsible for.

In the meantime, I was 36, living with my parents in the country whilst paying that mortgage, yet to even start re-establishing myself in Adelaide - a place I hadn't lived in for 15 years.  I was grateful for my parents' support but it not what...

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Episode 26 A+A Podcast : Using Your Creativity to Create More Alignment

Using Your Creativity to Create More Alignment

How aligned do you currently feel with your own message?

At certain times you might find you want to develop a stronger connection with your own business messages. This is true in the early days of business, but also after you've had a break away from your business, perhaps after having children, or when you feel like you've lost a bit of focus. 

At these times, you could consider using your creativity to create more alignment through embarking on a project and communicating your message in new or more consistent ways, creating clarity and momentum.

I've done this myself early in my business, through blogging, after having my son, when I wrote my book, and again after having my daughter, when I started this podcast.

Let's dive in ...

What might you try?

  1. Choose a medium that matches your strengths and goals, that you believe your ideal clients will connect with - book, daily Facebook or Insta Liv, regular reels...
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Episode 25 A+A Podcast : What can you do when you're doing all the right things and it's just not working

What to do when you're doing ALL the right things - and it's not working.

It's the worst. You know you're doing the right things. You've read books, learnt from mentors, hired coaches, watched what others do. You're doing the things that other people do to achieve success. It can feel so frustrating! Why isn't it working for you? 

When you're in this place, my guess is that you've gotten caught up in a) being busy doing stuff, and b) looking outside yourself.

My advice? Reconnect - to yourself, to your ideal clients, and to what you actually offer and sell.

Let's dive in...

What should you do when you're doing all the right things and nothing is working?

Here's my advice:

  1. Re-establish connection with yourself. How? Journalling, use the prompts in my Align + Attract book, meditate, walk, align to a goal using my alignment processbook a Kinesiology session
  2. Re-establish connection with your ideal clients. Who are they? What do they want and need? How...
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Episode 24 A+A podcast: Aligning with your Life Purpose with Daria Schwarzenböck

Aligning to Your Life Purpose with Daria Schwarzenböck

This episode of the Align + Attract podcast is part of my "Your Aligned Business" series where I interview a range of business owners about their aligned businesses to give you inspiration for yours.

I met Daria Schwarzenböck when she joined Align + Attract late 2020 and her journey in the course was an inspiring one I wanted to share with you!

A live round of Align + Attract is running during June - read more and join us if you feel inspired.

Daria is a transformation coach, a deep transformation channel, from Belarus, now living in Austria. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs, great healers, coaches & therapists who already mastered all of the strategy and marketing hacks, energy and mindset tools, to get to the next level in their business with ease. But - differently.

Healing and releasing the deepest buried wounds and blocks with ease, reconnecting even more to your soul and to the divine and...

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Episode 23 A+A Podcast : Creative sparks with Erica Boettcher

Creative Sparks with Erica Boettcher

Creative Sparks with Erica Boettcher is part of the "Your Aligned Business" series where I interview people about their aligned businesses to give you inspiration for YOUR aligned business.

Erica is a mother of two, a kinesiology practitioner and teacher who loves working with children and adults from her clinic, Eastern Balance Kinesiology in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Erica joined my Align + Attract program in 2017, and shares how she used her alignments to work on attracting more wonderful clients into her Kinesiology practice and then a lovely story from 2020 when an alignment led to a beautiful creative spark which she went on to develop into a whole new creation.

Let's dive in...

Align + Attract

Align + Attract is enrolling now with a new live round starting May 31st. If you'd love to create more alignment in your business, read more and join us here:

Erica's Fruitful Feelings...

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Episode 22 A+A Podcast: Are you Aligning + Attracting?

Are you Aligning + Attracting?

It's so important to find the tools that resonate with you so that you can clear blocks that come up for you, and continue to re-connect with yourself and create (or refine) your version of an aligned business.

My Align + Attract group program has a new live round starting Monday 31st May - yep, next Monday!

Learn more about it and whether it might be right for you...

Align + Attract

In Align + Attract you focus on aligning your energy with your big picture goals, your ideal clients, your fees, your income goals + your ideal numbers.

And.... don't be surprised if you end up on your own journey of discovery as you start to gain deeper clarity on what you REALLY want and your power to align with that.

If you enjoy the podcast and resonate with my energy - you'll love the program. I've been teaching versions of this material since 2011 because it really works.

It's not just about "getting" more of what you want, it's about creating a deeper...

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