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Episode 94 A+A Podcast: Align + Attract is open!

Align + Attract is open!

The doors to my signature program, Align + Attract are now open and you are SO welcome to join us. Our new live round starts Monday 11th September.


If creating a business that is aligned with who you really are is important to you, you'll want to join me in this six week intensive to align with your business foundations.

No matter how long you have been in business - you want to revisit these foundational aspects of your business and create alignment with your big picture goals, your ideal clients, your pricing, income goals, numbers and business structure.

Learn more and join us right here:


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Episode 93 A+A Podcast: What do you REALLY do?

What do you REALLY do?

There is the specific work you do with your clients, and then there is that something "extra" that YOU bring to your work. What is it for you? You might naturally: energise those around you, catalyse change, inspire, bring positive energy. In this episode I'll help you gain clarity on the special energy YOU bring.


Heads up - the doors to Align + Attract, my group program for coaches, healers, creatives, online course creators and other heart-centred business owners opens very soon. Get all the details here: 

Want an empowering "belief reset"? You can get my free affirmations audio to connect to your own power + wisdom at:

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Episode 92 A+A Podcast: The Joy of Alignment with Jodie Parton

The Joy of Alignment with Jodie Parton

Jodie Parton's joy shines through in this episode. When Jodie joined Align + Attract ( last year, she was quite unwell with Chronic Fatigue. She used the live round to focus on healing and had some huge shifts. Jodie shares all the action she has been able to take since and the changes she has experienced in her life. So inspiring!


Learn more about Align + Attract right here:

Doors open Thursday 31st August and we start a new live round Monday 11th September. We do the intensive alignment work that can really change your life.

Find Jodie at

On Facebook at

Share your thoughts on Instagram by sending us a DM or tagging us at and


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Episode 91 A+A Podcast: How to Set + Align to Your Pricing

How to Set + Align to Your Pricing

Pricing that is aligned for you and your clients is critical to any business and I'm helping you do the energetic work to align to your pricing in a FREE upcoming workshop: Align Your Pricing. Sign up here:

Listen to this episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or another player via this link.


Today we talk about some other things to consider as you think about your current pricing, especially for 1:1 services:

1 - Understand who you best work with
2 - What kind of results do they typically get + what is the value of those results to your clients?
3 - Know how you want to work with your clients - one-off, package, long term
4 - How many clients do you want to be working with?
5 - What feels right for you? What makes sense? What do you want to be charging longer term?
6 - How to align with your pricing

We go deeper into aligning with your pricing and other essential elements in your business in my group...

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Episode 90 A+A Podcast: Money blocks around Pricing

Money blocks around Pricing

First up - creating alignment with our pricing is essential and that’s why I’m teaching a FREE class on aligning to your pricing (or your next level pricing) on Thursday 31st August at 10am Adelaide time. Sign up here: (yes, there will be a recording!)

Listen to this episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or another podcast player via this link. 


Today we talk about common money blocks I see around pricing:

  • Fear of charging what you you should (or need to) be charging
  • Worry that if you charge more - clients will leave
  • Comparison - paying too much attention to what other people are charging
  • Thinking that pricing is to do with your worth
  • Feeling like your pricing is ok - without paying attention to whether it’s sustainable

Want to share your thoughts on this episode? I'll love to hear!
Tag me in a story about the ep, or send me a note on Instagram: ...

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Episode 89 A+A Podcast: Detoxing industry beliefs and coming back to you

Detoxing industry beliefs and coming back to you

Today we talk about how industry beliefs, or beliefs we've picked up from coaches or mentors who teach specific strategies, or have strong ideas about pricing can impact on us, and how to reset and come back to what's right for you.
We look at:

  • Goals/ your big picture intention
  • Your ideal clients
  • Pricing
  • Income goals
  • Ideal numbers and
  • Your business structure

And the importance of creating alignment in these areas. This is the essential work we all need to do and it's the exact work we do in my group program, Align + Attract:

I am launching this course August 31st and we'll start a new live round on September 11th. Be sure to sign up to the wait list:

Want to share your thoughts on this episode? I'll love to hear! Tag me in a story about the episode, or send me a note on Instagram:


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Episode 88 A+A Podcast: Alignment as Marketing with Meike Haisenko

Alignment as Marketing with Meike Haisenko

Fabulous Meike Haisenko sat down to share with me how she works with alignment in her business. In fact for Meike, after taking my course: Align + Attract ( early on in her business journey, alignment IS marketing for her. Of course things always change in business, but in this episode Meike shares the pivotal role that alignment has played in how she runs her business, and how she deeply leans into trust. I know you're going to love hearing Meike's story!


Meike Haisenko works as Soul Plan Teacher in Germany while balancing 2 girls, a husband, and a cat.
Starting in 2017 with soul plan readings and training as soul plan teacher in 2019, she works passionately to spread the system in German speaking areas.

Find Meike here:


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Episode 87 A+A Podcast: Creating new ways to work with you

Creating new ways to work with you

Creating long term success and sustainability in your business can mean being agile. One way you can be agile when experiencing a contraction in business is to create new ways to work with you. This episode builds on from last week when we spoke about thriving in a tricky economy.


Before we begin - it’s not too late to join Unfreeze + Thrive! We had the first live workshop yesterday and you can receive the Unfreeze recording right away. The Thrive workshop is next week. All details here:

Today, we look at how you might approach creating a new offering to solve new problems your clients may be experiencing:

1 - Focus on client problems. Always go back to the problems you know you can help with, especially in a trickier economy. Create lists, use the language you’re seeing being used, that your clients say to you, try using polls or asking questions on social media

2 - What new format makes...

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Episode 86 A+A Podcast: How can you thrive in this economy?

How can you thrive in this economy?

I know many people are finding it's a tricky time in business and the stress can be huge. However I'm also finding that a lot of my clients, and myself, are thriving in/despite the current climate, and I've been reflecting on what I'm really seeing work at the moment.


If you're going into a bit of freeze mode rather than feeling you can be objective and take action, my new 2-part workshop Unfreeze + Thrive could really help. Check it out here: 

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. What has worked for YOU in the past? How did you get the clients you have? How can you do MORE of that? How can you re-engage old clients?
  2. Are you clear on the actual problems your clients are having right now and how your work can support them with those?
  3. How are you communicating that, and how can you do it better?
  4. What new ways can you share? What HAVEN’T you tried which you suspect could help?
  5. How can you be...
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Episode 85 A+A Podcast: Are you stuck in survival mode in business?

Are you stuck in survival mode in business?

Can you resonate with the idea of being in a bit of survival mode in your business? Like you can't relax, even when things are going well?

Perhaps you started your business during a time of acute stress (money or otherwise), or you have experienced a big shock, personal setback, relationship crisis, grief, ill health, money contraction, or the pandemic had a big impact on your business.

You went into a kind of survival mode and perhaps worked hard (fight mode) to keep your business going. This may have worked to some degree to keep you safe - but now it's time to come out of that energy - and thrive. 



Signs you might still be in a kind of survival mode include:

  • Finding it difficult/slow to take the actions you want to take, overthinking and going in circles (freeze)
  • Noticing it's hard to plan ahead or think about the future (freeze)
  • Not sure what you want - wait and see energy (freeze)
  • Needing to know something...
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