Episode 98 A+A Podcast: Creating big growth in business? How alignment call help.

Creating big growth in business? How alignment call help.

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Got BIG business goals? Perfect! Alignment is brilliant for supporting you with your big business goals.

If your goal is to double your business or you have some other kind of business goal that is a STRETCH, it's certainly not going to be the case that you align to your goal and then BANG - it happens.


Let me tell you how aligning to your BIG goals really CAN help you though - even when they also may take some time (even years) to achieve.

1 - Aligning to a big goal multiple (or even many) times can help you continue to identify new blocks and make ongoing energetic and even identity shifts that can enable you to step into your big goals over time

2 - Oftentimes when you're aligning to a big goal that is outside your current reality, questions come up. You want to know things like HOW. Which pathways are the most aligned. You turn these questions and wonderings into a goal like: "I know exactly how to best achieve x in my business." Clear what's blocking THAT, get aligned with your goal and then do the same with the next question.

This process is powerful. This is the work we do in Align + Attract, my group program for fabulous practitioners, creatives, coaches, healers and other heart-based business owners. We start a new live round Monday 11th September - join us! alignandattract.com/course

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