Episode 97 A+A Podcast: How to use alignment in a launch

How to use alignment in a launch

Quick heads up: the doors to Align + Attract, my program for healers, creatives, coaches and other heart-based business owners is now open. We start Monday 11th September and you can find all the details here: http://alignandattract.com/course

We're about to get very META.

I'm IN a launch.

And I definitely use alignment in my launches.

And in today's Align + Attract podcast ep, I share HOW to use alignment in your launches.


I actually give some real examples of alignments I did earlier in this launch which did feel a bit edgy.

The reality is, when you align to your goals using my alignment process (the process I teach you in Align + Attract - which is enrolling RIGHT NOW), it can very quickly feel quite deep and personal.

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