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Episode 3 A+A podcast: Dopamine and Business Alignment

Dopamine and business alignment is about looking after the basics as we create and grow our business.

Even though these things are basic, we can easily set them to the side and deprioritize. If you haven't found out already, you might find out in the future that they can create problems. Let's tackle this head on and, if you need to create a plan to improve the basics, I'm going to help you do that... So, let's get into some emotional theory.

What's happening when we have those moments where we're overreacting - or going into brain fog?

You know, when our brains just don't seem to be functioning as well as we would like them to. It's a state of overwhelm or like going into an extreme or high emotional response in relation to our business... That's why I'd like to talk about dopamine - and how we can use basic ways to look after ourselves to improve the dopamine levels in our body and our brain. Which then leads to our brains working better!


Let's understand the three parts...

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Episode 2 A+A podcast: What is Business Alignment and what might your aligned business look like

What does business alignment actually look like, and what do I mean when I am talking about business alignment?

I'm going to take you through a model that's going to help you to think about the different aspects of your business and to consider whether you feel like those aspects are in alignment with you and are in alignment with the business that you really desire to create.

As we're going through you might find yourself thinking about other people's businesses and particularly mentors or people you admire. You could use that as an example when we're going through the different aspects and think, "Okay. So that's what that could look like."

That is not intended to be a comparison; do it if it is a source of inspiration. Remember, what is an aligned business for you is going to be completely different to an aligned business for somebody else.

This is what I'm really all about; giving you permission, if you need it, to say, "Hey, this is what I really want. This is what I...

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Episode 1: Introducing the Align + Attract Podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of the Align + Attract podcast.

I created this podcast for you. This is a space for you to come and have this really warm, lighthearted, fun chat with me about your business, and specifically about your business alignment, because alignment is my thing. And it is how I grew my business right from the beginning.


I started my business back in 2009 as a Kinesiologist.

I worked with clients face-to-face in the Melbourne CBD. I did not have any background in marketing or business, and I was also pretty shy. So growing a business is certainly not something that came naturally to me. What I did have was the skills that I had as a Kinesiologist. 

I worked on myself to create alignment in relation to my goals and what I was trying to create in my business; to help me to attract more beautiful clients, to help me to continue to grow, and it worked really beautifully. I did attract really wonderful clients who got really fabulous results and...

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