Episode 123 A+A Podcast: The Online Business Paradigm Shift Series - Part 1

The Online Business Paradigm Shift Series - Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of The Online Business Paradigm Shift Series. These three episodes are going to give you so much insight about how you might thrive in this changing environment we find ourselves in. 


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If you’ve noticed big shifts in the online business world lately, you’re not alone. 

Lacklustre launches, falling prices, messaging pivots and big exits. So what’s really going on? Behind the scenes, many entrepreneurs, coaches and transformational leaders have been discussing how to adapt, evolve and thrive in this ever-changing environment. 

In an era where the creation of ideas and access to information is at an all-time high, I see that we are uniquely positioned to lead the charge towards innovation and transformation. 

I bring you in on these normally closed-door discussions and share the wisdom of some of the biggest minds in the transformational business world online. 

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The conversations in this series were catalysed after I published Episode 120 - Are we in a Paradigm shift in online business? This goes beyond just market changes - I asked if there is a deeper shift taking place. I recommend you listen to that along with episodes 121 and 122 for the full context of these discussions and that’s where I share more of my own observations.

When Episode 120 went live it sparked a lot of discussion and my client + friend Leonie Dawson suggested I invite some of our friends + colleagues onto the podcast to talk about they are also seeing and experiencing, what is working - and what advice they have for you as an online business owner. SO many said yes and I decided to create this three-part series. 



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