I help high-achievers like you to release blocks and align with what you truly desire in your life and business.

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I help high-achievers like you to release blocks and align with what you truly desire in your life and business.

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Private sessions with me in 2022

You can work with me privately in a one off extended single session: Breakthrough to Alignment or go deep as a VIP in my Align My Business Series which is designed to support your success over a period of 3-6 months. If we've worked together before and you want to book one or more single one hour sessions, that's perfect too, you can do that below.

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A Breakthrough to Alignment session is perfect when you just want to get some significant and specific issues dealt with – fast and effectively.

You know you’ll make more money in your business once this stuff is cleared. For you, the ability to do this in just one session and then move on is priceless.

Let's do this!

Breakthrough to Alignment

You + me and your big alignment breakthrough. 

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re a successful entrepreneur or high achiever and desire to live your life in alignment with your priorities and values. You are motivated, self-aware and committed to your own growth, and enjoy receiving deep, personalised support.

In your session we address major sources of stress in both business and life, and create deeper energetic alignment with your goals. Part of my skill is helping you to identify your deeper intentions and to support you to release hidden and as-yet unidentified blocks to living in alignment with your own truth. 

You might have identified a big pattern that’s holding you back or a bunch of money blocks you’re just not shifting on your own. Perhaps you’re trying to achieve a specific goal and you need support so you can fully show up for yourself. You might be at a crossroads and you need crystal clarity so you can make the right decisions for you. There could be an issue you’ve been working on for years and it’s time to finally let it go. The issues you'll bring to our session will tend to feel big and heavy - they're really holding you back and it will make a HUGE difference to your life to shift them.

Before our session, you’ll complete an intake form sharing exactly what you want to focus on for our 90 min Breakthrough session. It's essential you send this back at least 48 hours before your appointment - I use this information to plan for our session so we can dive straight in. This is part of the reason you can get such incredible results in such a short time. I arrive at our session early and spend time tuning into your energy field right before we begin. 

I’ve been working with Kinesiology clients since 2009 and after thousands of sessions I’m super-skilled at finding the source of the problem, identifying attitudes, beliefs and emotions holding you back, highlighting patterns you’ve never noticed, showing you how the past may still impact on you today – and helping you to release it ALL. Yep, in the one session.

I’ll send your notes from your session so you can review them afterwards and reflect on the changes you make.

Your Investment: $660 (including GST for Australians)


Align My Business Series

You’re brilliant at what you do and when you look for emotional, mindset and energetic support, you want to work with someone who is used to working with high achieving entrepreneurs like you, leaders with six and seven figure businesses. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for years now.

The Align My Business Series is designed to support the most important part of your business – YOU over a period of time. You might be focused on a project, working towards a launch, in the process of uplevelling or making changes in your business or just know you need effective support as you continue to grow.

When you are your brand, your energy matters.

It’s essential that you stay clear and aligned. In an Align Your Business series, we work on a personalised plan to align your energy with the outcomes you seek. I support you emotionally, energetically and mentally so you can show up for yourself and your business as the best version of you, focused on your own unique values, priorities and goals.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Initial intuitive distance healing session from me
    I will tune into your energy field and the energy of your business using my skills as a Reiki Master and provide a detailed report on what I find. This will show up current challenges, themes you’re working on now and in the coming months and highlight areas for us to focus on. It will also act like an energetic cleanse, shifting stuck, negative or heavy energies providing greater lightness and clarity as we move into our series together. You’ll be able to refer back to your report for the following year or so and will find different aspects continue to play out and resonate more deeply.
  • Analysis of your current challenges, intentions and goals for the coming months
    You will complete a detailed intake form from me and I will analyse this prior to our first session looking for themes and patterns and drawing out specific goals that will use to frame our time together during the series. This ensures we are both very clear on the outcomes we want to achieve with our work together, knowing these may evolve. The foundation for your business success needs to be your own wellbeing and happiness and we will also focus on personal issues if they are impacting your business.
  • Initial 1.5 hour Kinesiology + alignment session via Zoom
    Our first face-to-face session will be based on the goals you have chosen to focus on for your series and will build on the information I’ve shared with you in your intuitive healing report. We will gain an overview of some of the key issues which may be blocking you, decisively help you shift your energy and powerfully align your energy with the big goals we’ve worked together to define.
  • Five one-hour Kinesiology + alignment sessions
    With each one-hour session we will reflect on your progress, address specific blocks and challenges you’ve been experiencing, introduce any new intentions and re-focus on the goals you have for our series together. The spacing of these sessions will be fortnightly – monthly depending on the level of challenge and growth you are moving through, or the speed at which you want to create change.
  • Three 20 minute personalised intuitive audio recordings
    On three occasions I will create an intuitive audio recording for you which you can use to support your energy between sessions. We can schedule these ahead of time for specific outcomes – such as to elevate your energy leading into a launch, to open your energy to greater abundance, for a year-ahead reading for your birthday, or you can use these for “emergencies”, for example to shift overwhelm or fear that has popped up, to address family issues, to release energy connected to old money or relationship stuff, to help you create clarity around big decisions and so on. We can work together to decide on the best use of these three sessions for your purposes.
  • Final one-hour intuitive healing session for completion and integration
    Prior to this session we will discuss what you need to in order to feel complete within the series. You can choose to be present for this session over Zoom or if you prefer it can be conducted via distance with a written report. I will refer back to your initial intake form and goals and balance your energy using Reiki and other techniques and integrate the work we have done together, creating a sense of grounding and completion and allowing you to move forwards with confidence and clarity.

If you’re working on a specific project, seeking support for a launch, moving through challenges, or uplevelling your business we’ll usually schedule your sessions fortnightly and you’ll move through your Series in about three months. If you'd like more spaciousness and monthly sessions feel good, we’ll move through your series in about six months. If you’d like to experience working with me before committing to a Series, book a Breakthrough to Alignment session first and focus on clearing some significant and specific issues before we begin.

We can negotiate when you’ll start your Series starting from February 2021.

Your investment: $3000
(including GST for Australians)


Kerry has been absolutely instrumental in the success of my business.

I’ve worked with her whenever I’ve needed to uplevel my income and expand my vision of what’s possible.
I recommend her to any big-dreaming entrepreneur dedicated to continual self-growth. Thank you Kerry!


The process of Kerry's Align my Business series catalysed beautiful & stratospheric growth for me.

The work we have done together has helped me reprioritise my time, energy, money and Life. I feel more on purpose than ever, while also feeling the most relaxed. I feel ALIVE and EXCITED in a way I used to feel when I was backpacking in India, but never before as a sustainable way of living my grounded and meaningful life. Kerry helped me move through the birthing canal into the world, so sure of my direction, purpose and integrity. I'm so grateful for the work we did together, the fruits of which continue to grow."

Gemma Davies

Kerry is one of my (very few) trusted healers.

Well, few insinuates three or more, when in reality, there are two. Needless to say, she’s indispensable.

A potent and powerful coach and catalyst. Kerry is the real deal and I highly recommend the experience of working with her.


I cannot recommend Kerry more highly for anyone looking to gain better alignment in their personal or business lives – or both!

I have been seeing Kerry in a one-on-one capacity since 2009, for both personal and business support and development.

I have found Kerry’s abilities in Kinesiology and more recently in Reiki to be absolutely exceptional.

In the last 3 years especially, Kerry has helped me with setting business strategies, developing my leadership capabilities and ensuring the business and team has clarity and is in alignment on its goals.

Kerry’s style is warm, giving, never judgmental and always professional.

I cannot recommend Kerry more highly for anyone looking to gain better alignment in their personal or business lives – or both!


Kerry has been far and away the most pivotal person I have ever worked with.

I’ve had mentors and coaches for over 20 years now consistently, since I was 17 years old, often multiple at once for various aspects of business and life, and Kerry has been far and away the most pivotal person I have ever worked with.

I began doing sessions with Kerry in 2012, and continue to do so to this day, as regularly as possible!

Throughout this time working together, just a few of the things which have been dramatically impacted include scaling my online business to multiple 7-figures per year (and SERIOUSLY shifting my money mindset / abundance vibe as part of that of course!), releasing myself of binge eating / sugar addiction, moving out of a narcissistic relationship, understanding and also miraculously (doctor’s words) healing a very very serious and rare pregnancy condition, owning my power and truth in my messaging and soul work, owning my power and truth with men and learning how to start calling in true love, shifting all manner of self-worth and limiting belief stuff, and also, and perhaps most powerful of all – learning how to deeply connect to my own soul and intuition, and to have that be my natural state.

I am quite literally a completely different human from the unsure and scared and pretty hard on herself woman I was 5 years ago!

I love Kinesiology so much, and have worked with quite a few different practitioners over the years before I met Kerry, but nobody either in or out of this practice has been as impactful in my life.

If you get a chance to work with this woman, or join her courses, or read her book – take it, fast!


If you have the chance to work with Kerry, buy her courses, or read her book, do so. Better yet, do all three. Her work is worth it.

There is a before and after working with Kerry in my life, and the difference is confidence, courage, clarity and profitability.

I started working with Kerry in an impulse, tired of being stuck in what felt like quicksand, without knowing what I was doing wrong and why things were soooo slow moving.

It was the best business decision I’ve made. Kerry’s sessions allowed me to cut through what was not working and let go of it quickly. They helped me see where I wanted to take my business, and align to getting there.

In the process, so much was healed: old pains and past trauma, ancient fears and kilograms of guilt…all started to evaporate, and for the first time in a very, very long time, I started to feel free. Free to be joyful, free to work doing what I love, free to take control of my life and business.

If you are wondering whether online kinesiology sessions work, know this: they do.

If you’re wondering what alignment is, know this: it’s the difference between struggle and miracles.

If you’re wondering whether Kerry is the right person to work with you, know this: If you’re looking for a professional, kind, funny, generous, knowledgeable, intuitive, open-hearted person to guide you in your journey, there’s no one better.

I can’t recommend Kerry’s Kinesiology sessions enough. If you have the chance to work with her, buy her courses, or read her book, do so. Better yet, do all three. Her work is worth it.


Kerry is a leader in her field.

It’s not easy to explain exactly what kinesiology is or how it works is but every time I see Kerry, there is a shift in the way I see the world.

Kerry is insightful and intuitive and adept at getting to the real issue – often something that is outside my conscious thought.

Kerry is a leader in her field.


I liken kinesiology to turning on a light switch. I don’t know how it works, but I know it does!

I have been so very fortunate to have a number of powerful kinesiology sessions with Kerry and each one has created huge awakening, healing, up levelling and transformation in my life and business. I liken kinesiology to turning on a light switch. I don’t know how it works, but I know it does!

Kerry is a beautiful balance of kindness, vision, passion and powerfully holds space as you navigate through whatever comes up, out and through, which is often a beautiful, but perfect surprise!

Thank you Kerry for shining your light and sharing your gifts, I can’t wait for my next session with you!


After seeing Kerry twice I felt more than a significant shift in my physical and emotional wellbeing.

I saw Kerry immediately prior to delivering a very significant public presentation and after our session I felt calm, grounded and with a greater feeling of intent that I knew that things would go well.

You simply cannot buy that level of self-confidence and inner-ease – usually – but I think in committing to a session with Kerry you may just be able to!


After going through Align + Attract and through a couple of Reiki Projects with Kerry, I knew I wanted to work with her privately

Every time I had worked with Kerry through Align + Attract or through a Reiki healing, I always had big shifts and breakthroughs so I jumped at the chance when she announced she was opening up a few spots for a private session.

I was really struggling with getting some clarity in my business and being able to show up confidently. I was a little nervous about the session because I didn't know what to expect. But it honestly felt like I was hanging out with a friend - except a brilliant friend who helped me have a massive breakthrough around what was keeping me stuck. I was able to reach a new level of alignment in my business in one session and break through some blocks so quickly.

I can't wait to work with Kerry again as she is so good at what she does!"