Episode 128 A+A Podcast: Energetics v Strategy - What Attracts You When You Want To Grow?

Energetics v Strategy - What Attracts You When You Want To Grow?

Often, you'll have a tendency to lean in to strategy or energetics when you're looking to grow. What's your go-to? It's not really about choosing one over the other but how can you get the best of both worlds to support you as you work towards your goals.

Ultimately? The strategies that work are the ones that are sustainable and that you stick with. That are layered with other strategies and refined based on what's working. Which can feel a bit boring or not the quick fix that you were hoping for! Taking action and following through is something you can use energetics and healing work to support you with, along with identity work, the Business Energetics we spoke about last week, and so much more.


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