Episode 18 A+A Podcast: Aligning to the Season of Life You're In

Aligning to the Season of Life You're In

When you recognise and own the season of life that you're in, you can give yourself permission to enjoy, or get what you need (such as rest or healing) from that season.

If you're in a particular season of life (perhaps focused on young kids like me, for example) but define your success by a different season - perhaps a time when you were work-focused, or by comparing yourself to someone else who has is able to devote a lot more time and energy to their business/career, you can create unnecessary stress for yourself. 

Let's discuss this...

How can you align to the season of life you're in?

  1. Identify the season of life you're in. Work-focused, young kids, new relationship, health, reflective, busy, connected to the actual season (eg Winter, Summer)
  2. Clarify your top priorities in this season - aim for three
  3. Check - do your actions align with your priorities? What is one change you could make to ensure you're more aligned?

I mentioned my chat with Amy Crawford about Identity on her podcast - find that here.

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