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Episode 24 A+A podcast: Aligning with your Life Purpose with Daria Schwarzenböck

Aligning to Your Life Purpose with Daria Schwarzenböck

This episode of the Align + Attract podcast is part of my "Your Aligned Business" series where I interview a range of business owners about their aligned businesses to give you inspiration for yours.

I met Daria Schwarzenböck when she joined Align + Attract late 2020 and her journey in the course was an inspiring one I wanted to share with you!

A live round of Align + Attract is running during June - read more and join us if you feel inspired.

Daria is a transformation coach, a deep transformation channel, from Belarus, now living in Austria. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs, great healers, coaches & therapists who already mastered all of the strategy and marketing hacks, energy and mindset tools, to get to the next level in their business with ease. But - differently.

Healing and releasing the deepest buried wounds and blocks with ease, reconnecting even more to your soul and to the divine and...

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Episode 23 A+A Podcast : Creative sparks with Erica Boettcher

Creative Sparks with Erica Boettcher

Creative Sparks with Erica Boettcher is part of the "Your Aligned Business" series where I interview people about their aligned businesses to give you inspiration for YOUR aligned business.

Erica is a mother of two, a kinesiology practitioner and teacher who loves working with children and adults from her clinic, Eastern Balance Kinesiology in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Erica joined my Align + Attract program in 2017, and shares how she used her alignments to work on attracting more wonderful clients into her Kinesiology practice and then a lovely story from 2020 when an alignment led to a beautiful creative spark which she went on to develop into a whole new creation.

Let's dive in...

Align + Attract

Align + Attract is enrolling now with a new live round starting May 31st. If you'd love to create more alignment in your business, read more and join us here:

Erica's Fruitful Feelings...

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Episode 22 A+A Podcast: Are you Aligning + Attracting?

Are you Aligning + Attracting?

It's so important to find the tools that resonate with you so that you can clear blocks that come up for you, and continue to re-connect with yourself and create (or refine) your version of an aligned business.

My Align + Attract group program has a new live round starting Monday 31st May - yep, next Monday!

Learn more about it and whether it might be right for you...

Align + Attract

In Align + Attract you focus on aligning your energy with your big picture goals, your ideal clients, your fees, your income goals + your ideal numbers.

And.... don't be surprised if you end up on your own journey of discovery as you start to gain deeper clarity on what you REALLY want and your power to align with that.

If you enjoy the podcast and resonate with my energy - you'll love the program. I've been teaching versions of this material since 2011 because it really works.

It's not just about "getting" more of what you want, it's about creating a deeper...

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Episode 21 A+A Podcast: Creating and Re-Creating Your Beautifully Aligned Business with Emma Polette

Creating and Re-Creating Your Beautifully Aligned Business with Emma Polette

This interview is part of my Your Aligned Business series where I talk to inspiring business owners about THEIR inspiring businesses to give you inspiration for YOURS. Find the ep on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

After years of having her self-esteem battered by the corporate boys club while dealing with Stage 4 endometriosis, Emma Polette ditched her six-figure corporate career in Sydney and moved to Albany, Western Australia to start her multi-passionate business.  She is now a personal trainer, yoga teacher, reiki master and creator of the certified body love coach program, The Body Love Academy. As Emma likes to say, she’s a woman with a big belly and a big heart and she’s on a mission to help women love themselves more every day.

I first met Emma Polette in 2016 when she joined Align + Attract. Over the next couple of years (with some health challenges and a hysterectomy in the...

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Episode 20 A+A Podcast: GRIT + Business Alignment

GRIT + Business Alignment

Grit is a theory by Angela Duckworth which looks at what causes successful people to be successful. We explore it further in my workshop on upgrading your mindset. Register now:

If you work for yourself - you absolutely do have grit.

Grit is all about how you move towards long-term goals and what you do when you face challenge or adversity. Angela found that passion and perseverance are key - more important than intelligence or talent, and also reminds us, like in Growth Mindset - even factors like intelligence are not fixed and can grow.

For this episode of the podcast, I focused on three ways I sometimes see clients use their grit in the "wrong" ways... burnout anyone?!

Let's dive in...

3 ways I see clients use their Grit in the "wrong" ways

I wonder if you'll relate to any of these. 

  1. Obsessing or fixating on one specific outcome, process or pathway to success
  2. Applying their GRIT in short bursts - pouring heaps of...
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Episode 19 A+A Podcast: 3 Signs you have a Fixed Mindset - and What to do About It


I have a new live webinar coming up!

This is my first live webinar in YEARS and I've really landed on a topic I know you're going to love and find incredibly helpful. I'm looking at YOUR Entrepreneur Mindset and how to upgrade it using evidence-based methods - Growth v Fixed Mindset and GRIT, and then to bring it all together, we'll use my alignment process. 

Learn more, and sign up here:

3 Signs You have a Fixed Mindset and What to Do About It

Wouldn't it be amazing to have one of those rock solid mindsets that "those" successful entrepreneurs seem to have rather than feeling like you're on an emotional rollercoaster or worse - stuck in a negative spiral because something went "wrong" in your business? Of course it would!

The good news? You CAN upgrade your mindset.

Understanding Growth and Fixed Mindset (a theory by Carol Dweck) is a great place to start when upgrading your mindset. With a growth mindset, you believe that your talents, intelligence...

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Episode 18 A+A Podcast: Aligning to the Season of Life You're In

Aligning to the Season of Life You're In

When you recognise and own the season of life that you're in, you can give yourself permission to enjoy, or get what you need (such as rest or healing) from that season.

If you're in a particular season of life (perhaps focused on young kids like me, for example) but define your success by a different season - perhaps a time when you were work-focused, or by comparing yourself to someone else who has is able to devote a lot more time and energy to their business/career, you can create unnecessary stress for yourself. 

Let's discuss this...

How can you align to the season of life you're in?

  1. Identify the season of life you're in. Work-focused, young kids, new relationship, health, reflective, busy, connected to the actual season (eg Winter, Summer)
  2. Clarify your top priorities in this season - aim for three
  3. Check - do your actions align with your priorities? What is one change you could make to ensure you're more aligned?
  4. ...
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Episode 17 A+A Podcast: Creating your joyful high-profit business with Leonie Dawson

Creating Your Joyful High-Profit Business with Leonie Dawson

This episode is part of my Your Aligned Business series where I interview inspiring business owners about THEIR aligned business to give YOU inspiration for YOURS.

Leonie talks about how she gave up social media in this episode, and has a new course about marketing without social media here.

Leonie Dawson is a e-course creator, writer, best-selling author, Mama of two sweet girls and general life enthusiast.  She's wonderfully warm, incredibly funny, has a brilliant mind and is just SO LEONIE. You can't help but be inspired by her energy, and the way she has made millions in her business by focusing on... JOY. And creativity. And making things people want and need.

Focus on what lights you up and brings you joy

Leonie shares how her business has been a lot about experimenting and finding what lights her up and brings her joy.

When reflecting on times she has not been so aligned compared to those times she really is,...

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Episode 16 A+A Podcast: Feeling Stuck when Creating? Quick Ways to Create More Alignment

Feeling Stuck when Creating? Quick Ways to Create More Alignment

Sometimes you sit down to create and the inspiration just doesn't flow. You need to write that article, create that podcast episode, plan a webinar, get some social media sorted, write that newsletter... or something else. You want it to connect with your ideal clients, not just tick a box!

So, how do you create more alignment so you can get on with creating something wonderful? Let's dive in...

Here are the five steps:

1 - Do a quick goal alignment. If you're not in Align + Attract or don't have my DIY Kinesiology Kit, sign up to do a free goal alignment with me here. YAY!

2 - Get moving! Turn the music up and DANCE. Or some other kind of movement - squats, lunges, yoga stretches. Change your state and energy.

3 - Use a different task to find flow. Be careful - set a time limit on this and make it a defined task you can complete! Schedule some social media, do some book keeping, empty your dishwasher.

4 - Think of a...

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Episode 15 A+A podcast: Fall in Love with Strategy with Tash Corbin

Fall in Love with Strategy with Tash Corbin

Today's episode is part of my Your Aligned Business series, where I interview inspiring people about their aligned businesses and the choices they've made to align their business with their values, goals and priorities.

Tash Corbin is a business coach and marketing mentor for women who want to change the world. She specialises in high-connection, high-conversion business growth. She's the creator of the Heart Centred Business Conference and facilitates a Facebook community of over 34,000 entrepreneurs. 

Her incredible work can be found at

You can hear the full episode below. Here's a snippet of our conversation...



Be specific about who you are trying to reach.

Kerry: So today we're going to talk about strategy. Which is one of those topics that some people can find quite intimidating, especially people in my kind of audience, but it's something that you do incredibly well and teach incredibly well. So...

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