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Episode 111 A+A Podcast: Holding Yourself in Expansion

Holding Yourself in Expansion

Have you ever gained clarity on your vision, got excited about expansion and growth, perhaps committed to a bigger investment and then... something shifts (and not in a good way). It can feel totally unexpected.

  • Your energy collapses and all of a sudden you feel MORE uncertain and unclear than you did before
  • External energy collapses - bookings or money slow down or stop, clients cancel/reschedule, things feel messier or more chaotic
  • Other people react - melt downs, team quit or make big mistakes or you might have unexpected arguments with your partner



I have seen all these things happen for clients, sometimes all at once! In this episode we discuss why it happens and what to do about it.

Love to hear alll your thoughts over on Instagram, come share with me.

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Episode 110 A+A Podcast: How can you receive high quality guidance?

How can you receive high quality guidance?

Many of my clients are highly intuitive and I'm sure you are to. But what do we do if this guidance starts to feel muddy, unclear and confusing? The first step is to clear your energy, and I help you to do that in this podcast episode. Next,

1 - Clear your energy - SO necessary and I help you do that in this episode.
2 - Intend to attune to the highest source of guidance you can access. Sometimes we are tuned in to guidance that is not of the highest level and this can happen with "guides" and it may be time to intentionally go higher/deeper - I support you with that in this episode too.
3 - If things feel muddy or unclear, seek help so you can re-connect to your own wisdom.


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Episode 109 A+A Podcast: Creating your vision

Creating your vision

What are you wanting to create this year? And what bigger vision do you feel that you're working towards?

These questions can be hard to answer! I talk about three reasons why I see this to be the case, and three things I see to help.
 Hope you love this conversation and I can't wait to hear about the insights you gain on your own vision - listen to the end where I guide you to tune in.


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Episode 108 A+A Podcast: Reiki Healing for Clarity

Reiki Healing for Clarity

A beautiful Reiki Healing for Clarity for you to enjoy. Use it to support you as we complete 2023 - and at anytime you'd love a burst of clarity.


I'll be sending out a beautiful Reiki Healing for 2024 to everyone on my mailing list on January 1st. It holds the intention to support your energy throughout 2024. I can't wait to hear what you think of this year's healing! If you're not already on my mailing list, you can join me here:


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Episode 107 A+A Podcast: Celebration + Connection with Rebecca Saunders

Celebration + Connection with Rebecca Saunders

You'll love Rebecca's story about how she started a company in Australia to be eligible for a visa while still VERY young, and how that company ended up experiencing rapid expansion when Covid hit. The subsequent burn out she experienced led to Rebecca birthing an entirely new business - the Champagne Lounge, - an online community (that’s not like the others!) for ambitious business owners like YOU who want to find their people, grow their network and celebrate life’s wins BIG and small. All for $1 a day.


Check out the Champagne Lounge here:

Learn how to ask for help with Rebecca's free resource: with Rebecca on Instagram at: and

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New free Reiki healing for 2024 arriving...

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Episode 106 A+A Podcast: Doing Business Brilliantly with Leonie Dawson

Doing Business Brilliantly with Leonie Dawson

Quick heads up - Leonie Dawson's Brilliant Biz + Life Academy is currently US$99 and will double in price on 30th November.

Check it out and join here

  • Today I ask Leonie Dawson for their best advice on what to do if you:
  • Want to create a side hustle
  • Need to attract more clients
  • Feel maxed out but want to grow your business
  • Have a successful, bigger business but still want to grow

Leonie Dawson barely needs an introduction around here but in case you're new to Leonie's world, Leonie has brought in over $13 million in revenue while only working 10 hours a week. Leonie is a best-selling author and self-made multi-millionaire, and has been blogging since 2004. Leonie is a passionate philanthropist and has created a crazy abundant creative business while still being a present mama to two kids.

Find Leonie here:

And on Instagram here

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Check out my low...

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Episode 105 A+A Podcast: Cycles and Seasons in Business with Ilana Kosakiewicz

Cycles and Seasons in Business with Ilana Kosakiewicz

Today I am joined by another Kinesiologist - Ilana Kosakiewicz and you'll love our rich discussion on learning to understand your cycles and seasons. If you ever find yourself stuck in your head or in "being busy" mode, you'll love this. Ilana talks about yin energy and how to tap into your intuition and shares the importance of completing the stress cycle each day. Can't wait to hear what you think!


Share your thoughts with us on Instagram: and

If you didn't already listen to the free call I ran on trusting your intuition, you can catch the replay here:

About Ilana:
Ilana Kosakiewicz is a leading Australian kinesiologist, women’s wellbeing mentor, and yoga and meditation teacher. She is an entrepreneur with a past life as a CPA accountant in the corporate world. Ilana’s own health...

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Episode 104 A+A Podcast: Something not working? Upgrade your “strategy”

Something not working? Upgrade your “strategy”

Have you ever had a problem or issue that just seems to be stuck? It's like you keep cycling through the same thoughts, stories emotions or beliefs and you can't quite move on. In today's episode we talk about this in the context of being a "strategy" that isn't working for you. I give some examples, and we talk about how you might gain clarity on your current faulty strategy and then "upgrade" it to a strategy that has a higher likelihood of success. This has been coming up for clients lately, and creating a new strategy has been a very powerful way to create real change.

Hope you love the episode - please leave a review if you do, and share the ep with a friend. It could be so helpful to talk this through with someone else.


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And if you'd like to go deeper into uncovering your own strategy with regards to a stuck issue, you can work with...

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Episode 103 A+A Podcast: How to Trust Your Intuition

How to Trust Your Intuition

Would you love to be able to trust and have more confidence in your intuition?

I'm running a free call on this topic, join me:

Today we talk the following in relation to trusting your intuition:
1 - Learn to feel sensations and emotions in your body
2 - Check in with yourself before you make a decision - how does that feel in my body?
3 - Find a practice that help you connect to yourself - and commit to doing it regularly - yoga, meditation, walking in nature, journaling.
4 - Try low-risk experiments. For example, look out for repeating numbers, ask to see butterflies, or hearts, choose an oracle card each day


Want to go deeper? Join me in Intuitive:

We have a live call on how to use your intuition to make more money coming up soon! 


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Episode 102 A+A Podcast: How to Expand Your Capacity

How to Expand Your Capacity

Today we talk about how to expand your capacity with some practical examples. If you desire to grow your business, or have goals that you are not quite reaching, you'll love this episode. We talk about 5 steps to expanding your capacity:

1 - Identify what you desire - eg grow your business
2 - Regulate your nervous system
3 - What can you create to support your goal?
4 - What skills does that require? Find the easiest pathways + get support if you need it. You can find out how to work with me here:
5 - Develop your self-trust. Sign up for my free call -

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