Episode 115 A+A Podcast: Should you run a live event?

Should you run a live event?

Have you considered running live events? Perhaps it's time to run one now. I'm certainly seeing a lot of people are craving in person experiences and for those of us who predominantly work online (like me!) creating an event can be a really fresh and beautiful way to connect with existing and new clients.

Let's explore this question together today. We'll work through these considerations:
1 - Do you want to run an event? If you're feeling a "yes" - keep going!
2 - Get clear on the purpose - for example, attract more clients, value add for clients, community, provide an experience, teach specific type of work, decide if you like running events, find a purpose for you running the event.
3 - Feel into the size and price point of the event - what do you want the experience to be like for participants? Think through logistics. Needs of your clients. What they want and need. What you want and need. How profitable does it need to be? Be wary of undercharging.
4 - Check for interest, run numbers against minimums etc. Approach people directly. Speak to your clients.
5 - Take action - fill your gaps!


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In this episode I mentioned fabulous Tina Tower: https://tinatower.com/ and Victoria Gibson: https://victoriagibson.com/

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