Episode 114 A+A Podcast: Dreaming...Bigger


What comes up when you think about dreaming bigger? Does it feel light, expansive, fun, or does it bring up fear, doubt or questions?

I ran a live event in Melbourne last week and spent the day with incredible business owners on this theme of dreaming bigger.

Join me for some reflections on what it means to dream bigger and use these to reflect on what dreaming bigger might look like for YOU.

1 - Going bigger doesn’t need to mean achieving, doing or having MORE, it can be deeper, richer, simpler
2 - Going too big in terms of outcomes CAN be overwhelming and demotivating UNLESS you break it down into smaller parts
3 - Achieving big goals is NOT what makes us happy. You won’t necessarily be happier if you achieve your big dream. You’ll probably be just about as happy as you are now. Hedonic adaptation and impact bias. BUT working towards goals DOES make you happy.
4 - You can focus on what DOES make you happier now. Sleep, movement, time affluence, controlling your mind (meditation), relationships - we know these are important but it's only valuable if you are doing what you know
5 - Knowing WHY you want what you want makes a big difference


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