Two beautiful live Reiki experiences to support you to release 2023 and vision into 2024.

If you're a sensitive human, you may find energy builds up. Then you feel tired, demotivated, over it even. And 2023 has been a lot, for many people. You might feel like you just need to hold on, get through. You might forget that even when things feel heavy or busy, you do have the power to soften, and release.

Let's come together for two powerful healing rituals. Gift yourself the space to intentionally release, and then vision.

In our first session together on Dec 5th, I'll guide you to release any residue from the year that has been. Complete this session feeling light, spacious, fresh and celebratory. Feel more at peace with the year that has been, and ready to enjoy what is to come.

In our second session together, on December 12th, I'll support you to open energetically into 2024. You'll start to seed some of your intentions and gently vision into the year ahead. Expect to feel more optimistic, open, motivated and energised. You can revisit this healing at the start of 2024 and throughout the year to support your energy and intentions.

Both sessions are offered live, but most people do access the healings via the recordings. The healing + energy are equally potent live and on the replays.

This is going to be a wonderfully nourishing and nurturing experience where all you need to do is receive. 

I've created many group Reiki experiences over the years and they are so powerful - I adore supporting you in this way and the feedback is always amazing.

We will meet together for two live calls. 

Call 1: RELEASE 2023 -  Tuesday 5th December - 10am Adelaide time (10:30am Melb/Sydney)

Call 2: VISION 2024 - Tuesday 12th December 10am Adelaide time (10:30am Melbourne/Sydney)

On the calls, I will be channeling Reiki energy to you and for the whole group, and sharing the insights that I receive. You will be guided to place your hands on different parts of your body during the healing. There may be visualisations and processes to complete together, and you will very likely receive your own intuitive insights both during and after the sessions.

You'll be invited to complete a form with your intentions for both the release 2023 and vision 2024 sessions - this helps me to further personalise the sessions for our group.

I know this experience will be magical for you. 

Join us!

$111AUD (incl GST for Aust)

OR two payments of $55 one month apart



You also have the option to sign up for a personalised distance Reiki Healing (one hour) and receive Release + Vision as a bonus. More details on the check out page, click the link.

Personalised Distance Reiki Healing and the Release + Vision experience.