Want to launch, without all the stress and drama?

Yes! I want the kit – just $97

So, you’ve created a Thing. Maybe it's a digital product, guide, microlearning, masterclass, website, podcast, book, mastermind, online course or group program.

And now, all you have to do is share it with the world. You're ready to launch. Or perhaps you're in the middle of launching right now.

Amazing. Right....?

Launching sounds pretty easy.

But ohmygosh – it can be SO stressful.

Pressure, money stuff, expectations, tech freak-outs, looming burnout, disappointing sales, heck even great sales can be stressful if they all come at the end – all that worry for nothing!

If you're ready to launch but All Your Stuff is Coming Up and you're feeling stressed? 

I created the Launch Success Kit for YOU.

The thing is: launching IS good for your business AND you don’t want to feel massively pressured and stressed out by your launch.

Here’s a peek at what’s waiting for you inside the Launch Success Toolkit:


Use this checklist to make sure the basics of your launch strategy are in place so you can focus on optimising your mindset and alignment.

Plan for success

A video workshop with Kerry to set yourself up for success using Positive Psychology: Mindset Theory, GRIT + Mindfulness.

Release fear +
doubt EFT session

EFT video with Kerry to release fears and doubts pre-launch.

Future You
visualisation audio

Use this powerful audio based on Positive Psychology to connect with your future vision and anchor it into your present.

Daily launch success
affirmations audio

Tune in to your 5 min daily launch success affirmations audio to keep your vibration high.

EFT session

EFT video with Kerry to put on as soon as you hit those mid-launch wobbles and freak-outs.

SOS. Hit the
panic button!

Use this video if panic strikes to help release stress and heavy emotions and get yourself back on track.

activation video

Connect to feelings of abundance and amplify these feelings + then bring this energy into all your communication.

activation video

Connect to your own version of success and unwavering self-belief.

You *know* that launching your digital product or offering can be amazing for your business:

  • Your launch can bring a cash injection into your business
  • It creates energy and excitement around your business
  • It introduces new clients to your work
  • You’ll (nearly always!) get more sales than if you didn’t launch
  • A launch gives your clients a great reason to buy NOW

But – ohmygosh – the emotional rollercoaster of launching? It can be TOO MUCH!

In fact, I’m guessing that if you’ve launched before you have probably declared at some point:


Or: “I hate launching!”

Or even: “Perhaps I’m just not cut out for business.”

Maybe you can't afford daily (!) mindset sessions with a coach or Kinesiologist but with this kit, the power is in your hands. 

Take control, get clear and boost your confidence.

Use the tools in the Launch Success Kit to create your success mindset, release stress, shift challenging emotions and get back on track. 

You can totally do this!

Hi, I’m Kerry.

Coffee obsessive, gym-goer, Mama, Pino Grigio drinker, yoga lover.

I’m also a Kinesiologist, Reiki Master, podcaster and author who has worked with hundreds of healers, practitioners, creatives and coaches who are birthing their beautiful creations into the world.

I’ve taken some of the most powerful tools from my Holistic Kinesiology, Reiki + Positive Psychology toolkit that I use to help my clients dive into their launches with an amazing mindset and get back on track when they hit major stress points.

I’m sharing them with you in this toolkit for a fraction of the cost of one session with me. The truth is – when you’re in launch mode, one incredible session makes a HUGE difference but what you often REALLY need – are the tools to do the work yourself daily.

I’ve launched well over a dozen times myself with heaps of 5 figure launches. I made over $50k in one year in launching my signature course: Align + Attract.

I know the stress launches can bring up AND the huge benefits – not just for you but for your clients – when you break through your own fears and doubts and create a successful launch.

I'd love to support you.

Get all this and more when you purchase the Launch Success Kit

Yes! I want the kit – just $97

When you buy the Launch Success Kit, you get instant access to:

  • 1: Pre-launch checklist
  • 2: Plan for Success workshop – 30 mins
  • 3: Release fear + doubt EFT session – 10 mins
  • 4: Mid-launch freak-out EFT session – 10 mins
  • 5: Daily launch success affirmations audio – 7 mins
  • 6: Future You visualisation audio – 15 mins
  • 7: SOS. Hit the panic button video - 20 mins
  • 8: Abundance activation Reiki video – 20 mins
  • 9: Success activation Reiki video – 15 mins

That's over 2 hours of video and audio content specifically designed to support your mindset and energy throughout your launch.

You've got this.

Yes! I want the kit – just $97

Digital products are a smart addition to your business.

You’ve seen entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo, Leonie Dawson, Denise Duffield-Thomas, James Wedmore, Amy Porterfield, Kate McKibbin, Steph Taylor, Elise Darma, Jeff Walker, Tash Corbin – add your own fave here – create huge success with digital products and online courses. It’s inspiring, isn’t it?

Digital kits, meditations, elearning guides, online courses, microlearning products and group programs have been popular with coaches, creatives, practitioners, Kinesiologists, naturopaths and entrepreneurs for years. You were probably an early adopter!

And after 2020? The market for online learning has exploded. The worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth US$325 Billion in 2025.

Your clients are likely buying plenty of digital products already – and I bet they need yours. You teach in your own unique way with your own energy and when you match that with a product that solves a real problem or connects with a true desire your ideal clients have – and are happy to pay for help with? That’s where the gold is.

The thing is, unless you plan to put your course on Udemy and hope they market it for you (meaning you make next-to-nothing per sale), you’re probably going to create your digital product on a platform like Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific or Wordpress. Then? It’s up to you to market it!

One of the best ways to market your online course or digital product is to launch it. You can pre-launch your product. Have a launch based on an early bird price for your product. You can launch around a deadline – perhaps a start date for a course, a live call or workshop, or a price increase. Launch with specific time-limited bonuses.

If you more or less know how to do a digital product launch but you’re stuck in imposter syndrome, feeling stressed and vulnerable and want to run and hide - then you need the Launch Success Kit.

The Launch Success Kit will get you feeling positive and excited about your launch and give the tools to get back on track if you get stressed or overwhelmed (we’ve all been there!)


The Launch Success kit will help you feel empowered and more in control of your thoughts + emotions as you launch.


The better you feel during your product launch?


The more confident you'll be.

The more action you’ll take.

The more sales you’ll likely make.

The more objective you’ll feel as you learn from any challenges.

And... the more often you’ll probably be happy to launch!

That’s likely to mean you help a heap more people – and make a lot more money.


Yes! I want the kit – just $97