I help high-achievers like you to release blocks and align with what you truly desire in your life and business.

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I help high-achievers like you to release blocks and align with what you truly desire in your life and business.

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Reiki Project with Kerry

Are you ready for a boost of inspiration, creativity and healing?

Join me for a series of three one-hour group Reiki healings focused on activating the energies within you of: CLEAR, VIBRANT + CONNECTED.

You can set your own intentions for how you would love these energies to support you throughout the coming year.

What would YOU love to activate, shift, elevate, awaken, align or attract with these energies? Let your inspiration start to flow:

  • CLEAR 

This is about igniting fresh energy with you. It could be releasing the past, letting go of recurring thoughts, outdated stories or stuck emotions. It could support you connect to more of your own essence and truth, and let go of reactivity, drama, negativity or stress. You could use this session to clarify where you want to focus in your business (or life) this year. It could assist you to clarify your boundaries, needs or desires. What would be different for YOU if you felt more clear?


This is about elevating your vibration, helping you to feel more free, flowing and fun-loving. Connect more deeply to your innate sense of hope and optimism, to increased physical energy and vitality and to joy. This might be about feeling more magnetic, enthusiastic, positive or spontaneous. You could use this session to stimulate commitment to new habits, routines or decisions which will support your feelings of vibrancy moving forward. What would be different for YOU if you felt more vibrant?


This is about nurturing an even more beautiful connection with yourself, with others and with the earth. It's about feeling present, grounded and deeply engaged. It might be about expanding your network and availability to wonderful connections, clients, opportunities and friends. It could be about deepening your connection with nature. You could use this session to restore your internal sense of nourishment and self-love. It may be about sustaining your connection with yourself, others and the earth as you grow and move through change. What would be different for YOU if you felt truly connected?

You're invited to join me! 

These healings are tailored to YOU.

You will be an active participant in each healing, notebook in hand jotting notes as we move through each Chakra, holding areas of your body as I channel the Reiki, doing the visualisations and activities that pop up, noticing any sensations in your body. Each session runs for approx 60 mins. 

Like many of my clients, you probably give a lot of your beautiful energy to others, perhaps including to clients. The Reiki Project is about supporting you as you connect back in to Universal energy in a really nurturing and inspiring way, and filling up your energy reserves so you feel more abundant, expansive and free internally.

You can watch one or all of the healings as soon as you sign up, then you'll be able to return to the recordings throughout the year whenever you're feeling the desire to feel Clear, Vibrant or Connected.


How will it work?

I connect into the energy of each participant during our healings (including the energy of those of you who join afterwards) using specific symbols I learnt in my Reiki training, and like you, I don't know exactly what's going to come through until I facilitate the healing.

Healings of this kind are known as "distance Reiki healings." It can be quite amazing to see how accurate the messages are in these kinds of healings, the clarity and wisdom that comes through for both myself and participants, the kinds of energy shifts you can feel, and the changes that so frequently flow afterwards.

You learn how to do distance healings if you complete a Level 2 Reiki training, which I did in 2013. I have also completed Reiki 3A and Mastership training, with the Mastership taking around a year of regular sessions and personal inquiry with my Reiki Master (Sara Brooke).

The healings were initially conducted live but with an international group many do listen to the recordings and that's what you'll be doing. Watching the recordings is equally powerful. You will probably want to return to the recordings over the coming months and you’ll receive new insights and an energy boost each time.

I have run 3 previous rounds of The Reiki Project and received amazing feedback - you can read some below. I love working in this way; it's effective, inspiring, responsive to the group, relatively affordable (compared to 1:1 sessions) and allows the potential for so much healing and transformation. The energy and sharing within the group adds a beautifully supportive dimension.

The Reiki Project is only AUD$150 for the 3 one-hour Reiki healings. You'll receive a confirmation email when you join and log in details. You can access the 3 healings in my membership site with your unique log in details or you can join our Facebook group (where the healings occurred) and watch them there

What do people say about The Reiki Project?

"Anytime Kerry opens a new Reiki Project, I always join without hesitation. I've been a part of three Reiki projects now and they are SO helpful. I honestly don't know how it works - but it works! Kerry is so intuitive and helpful in releasing stuck energy and moving me to a new level in my business and life. Highly recommend getting in on any Reiki Project sessions Kerry offers. Total gamer changer in a quick amount of time!"
Kelli Mitchell

"Kerry has an amazing gift of tapping into the energy of the group, and delivering what is needed in that moment. I have received so many a-ha moments, clarity, sense of purpose, freedom and trust my intuition more by working with Kerry. I highly recommend the Reiki Project."
Sue Moore, Australia - insideoutint.com

"The deep wisdom that comes through each healing keeps resonating with me even a year after participating in them, helping me make better choices in general and as a guidance to make decisions, which is very useful for me since I'm very indecisive. I love Kerry's energy, she's the only person I know whose promises of results get actually delivered."
Georgina H, Mexico

"Kerry's reiki healings are always what I need at the right time, and that is even truer with the Reiki Project. There's such power in coming together as a group, allowing reiki energy to clear big blocks and aligning to what we need and want. These healings are transformational."
Marcela Macias, Austria - marcelamacias.com

"The Reiki Project is more than just 'good vibes'... Kerry's insights during the healings were profound and supportive. The palpable feeling of change and support I felt after each one has stayed with me long after the Project ended."
Parisa, Canada

"I took Kerry’s second Reiki project and each healing session came at the right time and resonated deeply. Every time I listened to the recordings, I felt calmer and more grounded, filled with love and wisdom. The healing is gentle and nurturing and I highly recommend this project."
Gulara Vincent, healer and writer, England

"I am so happy that I chose to participate in Kerry's Reiki Project. I love the tools that Kerry uses throughout each session and the insightful messages that she receives to guide us, offering energy shifts and deep insight. The Reiki healings are also very beneficial to re experience months later and I highly recommend them. They are very useful tools to add to your loving, healing self-care support system."
Linda Wiebe, Canada - lindawiebe.ca

"I participated in Round one of the Reiki Project and it felt amazing. I was able to be on each of the three live Facebook calls and it felt like each healing was tailored just for me. It was surprising what came up each session however it always felt so spot on. I am really keen to do this next round because it was so insightful, healing and revealing. I am always seeking ways to learn, transform and grow spiritually and emotionally so that I can live a life of health and happiness. What I received from Kerry’s Reiki project has definitely helped me to do this."
Jillian Merlot

"I loved the sessions with Kerry in The Reiki Project and revisited each of them multiple times and really felt the ongoing benefits. Although a Reiki practitioner myself, it was lovely to immerse myself in the sessions led by Kerry and just enjoy the flow of energy and allow the release and healing. I highly recommend the program as the next best thing to one-on-one sessions with Kerry."
Wendy Hartley, Australia – earthmotherdesigns.com

"I’m so grateful for the Reiki project experience. I’m in awe... just feeling like I’m making great strides, connected to the big picture. I have found so much clarity (through FEELING personally empowered) and focus on what needs attention (my purpose activity) and what is just distraction and counter to my progress. All of this expansion is happening because of a connection to my own sense of abundance (FEELING in union with my SELF, and all that is)."
Sharon Schneider, community worker & Mom, South Africa

"I found each of the healings in the Reiki Project full of support and wisdom, and at a deep level. Every time I re-visited them and listened over the next several months, I gained new insight, clarity and meaning. I hadn't really known what to expect, and went into it open but not really sure what I would experience. What I did experience is a beautiful and powerful sense of comforting energy and guidance in them that really surprised and moved me. I loved the way the energy was brought into my being and into each energy centre in a caring and grounding way via my hands on my body. Kerry is a truly special and transformative teacher. The Reiki Project offers an incredible tool and support that is accessible, magical, and with practical guidance that can be called upon again and again."
Maggie, Australia

"The Reiki Project is different than anything else, in a very positive way. Kerry is such a pure and radiant soul and she takes you with her in a healing that is very powerful and encouraging. It helped me a lot to get on track in the first months of 2018 and I also loved round two!"
Ilsabeth, Netherlands