Good Enough - an Online Workshop with Kerry to shift you into KNOWING that yes, you definitely are ENOUGH. 

Ever felt not good enough? 

It's amazing how much personal development work you can do and yet - this old chestnut STILL comes up. 

Perhaps it has a different flavour for you - not cool enough, not smart enough, not successful enough, not something else enough.

It slinks there, impacting on what you believe you can do, causing comparison, stopping you from taking action, trusting yourself, or just GOING for it. 

Let's shift it.

In this one hour workshop, I'll work with you to clarify what you WOULD do and how you WOULD show up - if you felt enough. 

Then we'll go deeper into this "not enough" situation, gain clarity on what it's REALLY about, deal with it at the source and upgrade your energy into present time with a new belief which feels 100% true:

"Of course I am enough. And knowing that, I now do the things I've held back from doing." 

Because: Enough is ENOUGH. 

It's time.

And you're ready. 

This workshop was run live on Zoom and you can sign up to receive the recording now.

What is the investment?

It's just $44 - join me! 



How will this work?

This workshop ran live in April 2024 and you can sign up to receive a recording of the call (only 1/3 participants were able to attend live).

I see this to be a workshop you can return to multiple times to shift any further layers of "not enough" that come up due to a new stretch or challenge. 

This will empower you to completely rewire this belief and create a new energetic foundation for yourself.

Why this work matters

A belief. Does it really matter much? Is it worth investing (even a relatively small amount) in changing it?

Yes. It really does matter that you shift this.

Think about it.

If you knew that you were good enough:

  • What would you go ahead and do?
  • How would you show up differently?
  • How much more IMPACT could you have?
  • Honestly, how could it impact on the amount of money you allow yourself to make?

Imagine how you'll feel if you do create that new thing. If you grow your business. You get confident in marketing. You attract more clients. You are more consistent and so you're making more money.

The sense of satisfaction.

The achievement. 

All because you now know you're good enough and so you back yourself to take action, refine, learn, grow, follow through.

That's why this matters.

That's why this work is worth doing.

What we'll actually do

I will support you to find the origin of this "I'm not good enough" belief and to heal it, creating space for new ways of being and showing up.

Feeling enough, like you are GOOD ENOUGH, is a necessary piece to growing your business in ways that feel good for you.

Why work around the friction and the stress of NOT feeling enough when you can change it.

Business has enough uncertainty and unknowns without you doubting YOURSELF. 

Imagine if "I am good enough" was just a given.

That it wasn't even in question.

THAT'S the vibe we're going for here.

What did participants say?

Well - they loved it!

Here are just a few comments from the end of the workshop:

  • It was really easy to achieve the things I want - a reflection of today's session already in action!
  • It all flowed easily & magically.
  • Oh my goodness such an awareness of leaning towards and joyful knowledge of achieving it💫
  • Feels exciting. I can just chill out and be present in the now.
  • Feel disconnected from the past feelings and feel good about myself now.
  • Feeling bright, fun, sparkly.
  • Joyful and magical!
  • I’ve got some serious ‘boss energy’ right now! Haha so funny.
  • I feel much lighter.
  • I feel relaxed and softened.
  • Feeling peaceful, expansive.
  • That was fabulous.

Join us!

Ready to step into knowing you're ENOUGH? 


Join me for $44 (including GST for Australians) and let's work together to make this your new reality.