Episode 29 A+A Podcast: What Makes a Great Launch

What Makes a Great Launch?

The quick answer to this question is that of course YOU get to decide what makes a great launch for you. 

For most of us, outcomes do of course play a part, but feeling good during your launch and having a wider perspective are important too. 

What you consider a great launch might be influenced by the Season of Life you're in. Many of my clients balance running a launch with seeing clients, or their family life, or other commitments - it's not always realistic or a priority to go for the big results we may hear about in the industry.

Giving yourself permission to define a great launch for YOU can be empowering. Without an excessive focus on results as the only metric of success you can be a little more objective and hopefully enjoy it more too.

Here are four factors you might like to consider that could contribute to YOUR great launch:

1 - Committing to launching and creating your plan

If you've never launched or you avoid launching, just committing to doing it and following through is a big deal and worth celebrating! You can't get better at launching without, well, launching. It's so easy to put off launching your thing so if you're committing to a plan, that's GREAT.

2 - How you feel

You get to decide how much of a priority how you feel is during your launch. If doubt, fear, worry or other stressful feelings put you off launching or cause you to feel overwhelmed, you must check out my Launch Success Kit. It will help for sure!

3 - How you show up

Showing up for your launch and allowing yourself to be a lot more visible can have wonderful flow of effects. It can really stretch you and really contribute to so much growth if you choose to take on the challenge of showing up fully.

You never really know the flow on effects of your launch and even a launch that doesn't seem to go "well" can end up being great for your business in other ways (perhaps you get a flurry of private bookings after your launch, for example).

4 - Specific outcomes

The number of people who buy your thing and the amount of money you make of course contribute to a great launch - they are signs you've created something helpful that your clients want and that your messaging is clear. Great work!
Whilst you can absolutely have a launch that defies all norms, there are some launch percentages that often hold true, including that about 1-5% of people who are on your mailing list or who view your sales page will tend to buy. So don't write off a launch as terrible if you still fall within those numbers. You may have done better than you think! If you don't, there might be some simple explanation, so look for that, and take the lessons you learn forward.

Feeling inspired to launch, or already plan to launch soon? 

Check out the Launch Success Kit to support your mindset and energy with your next launch.
If you want to create something new, check out ep 28 of the podcast: Creating a Simple New Product.
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