Episode 28 A+A Podcast: Creating a Simple New Product

Creating a Simple New Product

Is it the right time for you to create a new product? Sometimes you feel like you're ready for a fresh injection of energy to your business, you see a need your clients have, you want to provide a new way to work with you or perhaps you can't work with your clients in your usual way and creating a digital product your clients would find useful is a win-win for them AND you.

In this episode, we look at four steps you might work through to create a new product.

1 - Pay attention to what your clients genuinely NEED.

Get curious. You might notice a particular theme or issue coming through in multiple sessions. You could pay attention to what your clients/audience respond to with more enthusiasm on social media, an article you write, a podcast interview or episode you do or a particular newsletter topic or theme that gets more opens or replies. See if you can figure out the core problem that is being highlighted that you can help with.

With my new Launch Success Kit, the inspiration was working closely with a number of clients who were launching and my observations about what was incredibly helpful to them in terms of releasing stress and doubt and staying clear and objective. I was creating videos + audios to support my package clients between sessions and could see how beneficial these were. I knew from my work with clients over many years that many people find launching very stressful, avoid launching altogether, or sabotage/give up on launches that have setbacks or start "badly".

2 - What tools do you have in your toolkit that can help solve the problem you identified?

What processes, tools, techniques, ways of thinking etc would you use to solve the problem you identified? 

With the Launch Success Kit, I used tools including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, Mindset tools from my Positive Psychology studies, affirmations and other tools I knew would help during different aspects of a launch.

3 - What is the best format to support your clients to get the results or change they want?

It might be one or two hour online workshop, a series of very short videos, audios and workbooks, a short e-course where you go through a process, a package of sessions (if you don't want to go digital right now, or the problem you identified would currently be better served in a personalised way) or a kit - which was the best option for me.

I chose a kit of audios, videos and some worksheets for the Launch Success Kit because the intent is to support you with tools you can access as needed throughout your launch. Scared about starting? Use the Release Fears + Doubts with EFT video. Need daily mindset support? There's a 7 min affirmations audio to tune into daily. Want to amplify your feelings of abundance? Use the Abundance Activation Reiki video. I think the SOS. Hit the Panic button video title speaks for itself! Overall there are currently 9 tools to access exactly when YOU need them.

4 - Choose the name.

It's tempting to choose a fun, clever name you like but you'll likely make things a lot easier for your clients AND you if you choose a title that is as clear as possible on what you get and the benefit to your clients. Making it about them and their needs rather than your own desire to be creative can make it a lot clearer for your clients. You know what they say: a confused mind doesn't buy. So make it clear. This can make your marketing easier too - you don't have to spend so much time explaining what exactly your product or the benefit actually IS!

If you break down the name Launch Success Kit, it clearly tells you: it's designed to help you with your launch, it speaks to a desired outcome of success and it's a "kit" which gives you *some* idea of the format before you even read about what's included. My first idea was: Launch Alignment Kit. Even though *I* liked it, do YOU most want an "aligned" launch or a "successful" launch? Ultimately I AM helping you create alignment in your launch but what my clients actually WANT is a successful launch and the tools in the kit absolutely support that. It's the same product either way but Thinking from the perspective of your clients/followers/readers can help you create and talk to what THEY actually want.

You can read all about my new Launch Success Kit here: alignandattract.com/launch-success-kit

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