Episode 39 A+A Podcast: $11 million in Launching with Leonie Dawson

$11 Million in Launching with Leonie Dawson

Today we have Leonie Dawson back on the podcast talking about launching. SO GOOD. With $11 million in sales from launching, she's quite the expert on the topic and as usual with Leonie, she approaches launching in her own unique way. Get ready to be inspired!

Find Leonie Dawson's courses here: bit.ly/leoniecourses

As per Leonie's style, she had no launches in the works when I interviewed her, then launched a brand new product a week later, ha! She told me it came together in a day and a half. She's teaching how she makes millions working just 10 hours a week. As if often the case with Leonie's courses, it's under US$100! Take a look.

Kerry's Launch Success Kit can be found here: alignandattract.com/launch-success-kit


I previously spoke to Leonie Dawson about her glorious high profit business  in just 10 hours a week on episode 17: alignandattract.com/blog/17 

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