Episode 17 A+A Podcast: Creating your joyful high-profit business with Leonie Dawson

Creating Your Joyful High-Profit Business with Leonie Dawson

This episode is part of my Your Aligned Business series where I interview inspiring business owners about THEIR aligned business to give YOU inspiration for YOURS.

Leonie talks about how she gave up social media in this episode, and has a new course about marketing without social media here.

Leonie Dawson is a e-course creator, writer, best-selling author, Mama of two sweet girls and general life enthusiast.  She's wonderfully warm, incredibly funny, has a brilliant mind and is just SO LEONIE. You can't help but be inspired by her energy, and the way she has made millions in her business by focusing on... JOY. And creativity. And making things people want and need.

Focus on what lights you up and brings you joy

Leonie shares how her business has been a lot about experimenting and finding what lights her up and brings her joy.

When reflecting on times she has not been so aligned compared to those times she really is, she shares, "It's the joy factor. If I'm feeling f-ing great, everything is aligned. If I'm starting to hate *hit - it's not aligned!" 

Use experiments in your business

Leonie shares about recent experiments she's been doing in her business, including 21 days with no internet browsing, and 21 days with no social media. That was so successful she left social media for good.

Don't worry, I drill her all about that and what her marketing looks like now. SO GOOD. As Leonie says, businesses have been marketing for hundreds of years without social media and will long into the future. So great to reflect on where you're spending your marketing time and if it's in the right place. 

Feel what's aligned - and pay attention to the data

Even though Leonie is very attuned to what feels aligned for her, she also looks at data. This was part of her decision to stop marketing on social media - the time and cost were not reflected in the outcomes. 80% of her sales came from elsewhere so her energy was better spent elsewhere. 

Leonie also shares about the time she had a much bigger business and lots of staff - and how her business now makes around double the profit it did at that time - with one part-time VA.

Keep an eye on your hours

Leonie shares how and why she keeps her hours to around ten a week, even now that her children are at school and she technically could work more hours - if she wanted to.

She shares what she focuses her time on and why she thinks she's just as productive as someone who works full-time hours, "I always ask myself what do I need to do today that will make the most amount of impact? I kill off all the tasks that aren't important."

Be sure to listen for all the gold.

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