Episode 30 A+A Podcast: My Best and Worst Launches

My Best and Worst Launches

In this episode I share my BEST and WORST launches. As I say at the start, I haven't had any really terrible launches where no one or very small numbers sign up, but equally I haven't had any really big launches either. A large part of this connects to audience size - I would need to grow my mailing list a lot to have substantially bigger launches. I've always been more focused on my lovely Kinesiology clients, with launching courses being a secondary way to work with me.

My launches fall in the middle and what makes one a success over another very much links to what I spoke about in episode 29: how I felt during it, how I showed up AND the final outcomes. 

Worst launch

I felt that my "worst" launch was the first launch I did of Align + Attract back in 2015. I had invested a lot of time AND money in my then new program and took a lot of expectations and even pressure into the launch - leading me to feel like it wasn't terribly successful. I felt pretty burnt out by the end of it. However there's a BIG lesson here as there were many other benefits of the launch, and with a different perspective I could have recognised how successful it really was. It also created the foundations for a course I have launched 8 or 9 times since!

Best Launches

Over the years I've launched perhaps twenty times. I singled out 3 different launches that I view as being really great - they're not all the biggest launches either.

  1. Align + Attract - my third launch in 2016 (see - after that initial launch which felt harder it really flowed!) I aligned to attracting 40 wonderful participants and that's exactly how many signed up. It was the last live round before I had my son and I had a lot of momentum and energy in the business which flowed into the launch.
  2. Align + Attract - 2017 launch when my baby was about 4 months old. I used a team who ran ads and attracted 23 lovely participants. I didn't have to show up or post a lot - which I didn't have capacity for and it really flowed so nicely. The impact of that launch was huge. My baby stopped sleeping right afterwards and I was able to extend my maternity leave for several more months. These lump sums of money can be so impactful for those of us who otherwise work a lot with clients - as we all know that's not always possible for different reasons, including recent lockdown restrictions.
  3. The launch of the Launch Success Kit. In this season of my life, I don't have a lot of time to invest in launching so I prioritise how I feel as I launch WAY more than ever. Ease, flow and fun means I can continue to explore ways to launch and share my kit without undue pressure or expectations - which means it can continue to grow and have further impact.

Launching something?

Check out the Launch Success Kit - it will really help you shift your doubts, balance your expectations, feel positive and confident and show up at your best. 
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