The Online Business Paradigm Shift Series Workbooks

You'll love these workbooks that were created for the 3-part Paradigm Shift Series on the Align + Attract podcast.

The workbooks include key points, quotes from each speaker and space for your own notes (the PDFs are writeable). Enjoy!

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You'll feel inspired, motivated, encouraged - and moved to take action.

We discuss: 

  1. What HAS shifted in the online business space?
  2. What IS working right now?
  3. What advice do each of these brilliant women have for you which you can apply to YOUR business?

Who are these incredible women?

In these episodes you hear from:

Part 1: Denise DT, Leonie Dawson, Kate McKibbin, Tina Tower, Annie Gichuru + Anita Siek.

Part 2: Clare Wood, Tash Corbin, Ruby Lee, Annie Gichuru, Victoria Gibson and Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot.

Part 3: Emily Osmond, Suzy Ashworth, Erika Cramer, Suz Chadwick, Rebecca Saunders and Katie Chappell.

You'll find website + Instagram links to each in the show notes and workbooks for each episode.

Each episode is hosted by Kerry Rowett.

What inspired these episodes?

Kerry observed the paradigm shift taking place in the online business space and named it in Episode 120 of the Align + Attract podcast.  

After this was published, her client and friend Leonie Dawson suggested asking some of our friends what they are also seeing - and the rest is history!