Episode 95 A+A Podcast: What kinds of things block your alignment?

What kinds of things block your alignment?

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When you use my alignment process (which I teach you in Align + Attract - doors are open right now!), you can find out SPECIFICALLY what is blocking YOU from being aligned with your goal.

I created a Chakra Card deck when I first taught my process (at that time you had to print out the cards yourself!) and there are 50 different "blocks" organised by the 7 main chakras (with one bonus one for the Base chakra).

What kinds of blocks?
Solar Plexus - Confidence
Base - Safety
Brow - Trusting Intuition
And you know, 47 more.


I go into this in today's Align + Attract podcast ep. Find it here: alignandattract.com/blog/95

As I share - sometimes when a block comes up, you know STRAIGHT AWAY what it means. It hits you right in the heart (or gut). Ahhh YEP. You feel it. And then - how good to shift it.

Sometimes the block can actually make you LAUGH OUT LOUD. Like - it's so accurate. Or relates to something you or someone else JUST said. Or it's a truth you've been trying to avoid. VERY FUNNY UNIVERSE.

Other times - you have to go deeper. In Align + Attract, I have a manual to go along with the cards which helps you reflect on what the block specifically means for you.

To celebrate the doors to Align + Attract being OPEN right now, I'm releasing a short podcast episode each day this week.

Whether you join Align + Attract or not, if you listen to each of these episodes you'll be feeling a ton more aligned by the end of this week!


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