Episode 91 A+A Podcast: How to Set + Align to Your Pricing

How to Set + Align to Your Pricing

Pricing that is aligned for you and your clients is critical to any business and I'm helping you do the energetic work to align to your pricing in a FREE upcoming workshop: Align Your Pricing. Sign up here: http://alignandattract.com/pricing

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Today we talk about some other things to consider as you think about your current pricing, especially for 1:1 services:

1 - Understand who you best work with
2 - What kind of results do they typically get + what is the value of those results to your clients?
3 - Know how you want to work with your clients - one-off, package, long term
4 - How many clients do you want to be working with?
5 - What feels right for you? What makes sense? What do you want to be charging longer term?
6 - How to align with your pricing

We go deeper into aligning with your pricing and other essential elements in your business in my group program: Align + Attract: http://alignandattract.com/course

This is the alignment intensive work we ALL need to do to ensure we are creating a business that is in alignment with who we are, our values, priorities and goals.

Doors open for a new live round August 31st.

Learn more here: http://alignandattract.com/course

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