Episode 89 A+A Podcast: Detoxing industry beliefs and coming back to you

Detoxing industry beliefs and coming back to you

Today we talk about how industry beliefs, or beliefs we've picked up from coaches or mentors who teach specific strategies, or have strong ideas about pricing can impact on us, and how to reset and come back to what's right for you.
We look at:

  • Goals/ your big picture intention
  • Your ideal clients
  • Pricing
  • Income goals
  • Ideal numbers and
  • Your business structure

And the importance of creating alignment in these areas. This is the essential work we all need to do and it's the exact work we do in my group program, Align + Attract: http://alignandattract.com/course

I am launching this course August 31st and we'll start a new live round on September 11th. Be sure to sign up to the wait list: http://alignandattract.com/course

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