Episode 88 A+A Podcast: Alignment as Marketing with Meike Haisenko

Alignment as Marketing with Meike Haisenko

Fabulous Meike Haisenko sat down to share with me how she works with alignment in her business. In fact for Meike, after taking my course: Align + Attract (http://alignandattract.com/course) early on in her business journey, alignment IS marketing for her. Of course things always change in business, but in this episode Meike shares the pivotal role that alignment has played in how she runs her business, and how she deeply leans into trust. I know you're going to love hearing Meike's story!


Meike Haisenko works as Soul Plan Teacher in Germany while balancing 2 girls, a husband, and a cat.
Starting in 2017 with soul plan readings and training as soul plan teacher in 2019, she works passionately to spread the system in German speaking areas.

Find Meike here:



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