Episode 87 A+A Podcast: Creating new ways to work with you

Creating new ways to work with you

Creating long term success and sustainability in your business can mean being agile. One way you can be agile when experiencing a contraction in business is to create new ways to work with you. This episode builds on from last week when we spoke about thriving in a tricky economy.


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Today, we look at how you might approach creating a new offering to solve new problems your clients may be experiencing:

1 - Focus on client problems. Always go back to the problems you know you can help with, especially in a trickier economy. Create lists, use the language you’re seeing being used, that your clients say to you, try using polls or asking questions on social media

2 - What new format makes sense? Start where you are. In person workshop, online low-cost class, shorter session/targeted, intensive, membership, new name for a service

3 - You can test the idea - ask clients, ask your subscribers, ask on socials

4 - As you prepare, use information from your clients. Do a survey to find out what your clients are experiencing (may be anonymous). Create an intake form for people who sign up using google forms and ask a few questions about what they are experiencing - helps you understand where they’re at so you can speak to that, and may give you ideas for other offerings

5 - Growth mindset. Dial down the pressure - have a curious approach. Benefits - your own learning and growth, new income streams

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