Episode 86 A+A Podcast: How can you thrive in this economy?

How can you thrive in this economy?

I know many people are finding it's a tricky time in business and the stress can be huge. However I'm also finding that a lot of my clients, and myself, are thriving in/despite the current climate, and I've been reflecting on what I'm really seeing work at the moment.


If you're going into a bit of freeze mode rather than feeling you can be objective and take action, my new 2-part workshop Unfreeze + Thrive could really help. Check it out here: http://alignandattract.com/unfreeze 

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. What has worked for YOU in the past? How did you get the clients you have? How can you do MORE of that? How can you re-engage old clients?
  2. Are you clear on the actual problems your clients are having right now and how your work can support them with those?
  3. How are you communicating that, and how can you do it better?
  4. What new ways can you share? What HAVEN’T you tried which you suspect could help?
  5. How can you be wildly generous right now, in this market, in ways that are actually beneficial for your clients?

If you'd like to gently unhook from any old patterns of: fight, flight, freeze or fawn (people pleasing) in response to "the economy" - or other stress, I recommend taking a look at my Unfreeze + Thrive workshop.

Check it out here: http://alignandattract.com/unfreeze

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