Episode 85 A+A Podcast: Are you stuck in survival mode in business?

Are you stuck in survival mode in business?

Can you resonate with the idea of being in a bit of survival mode in your business? Like you can't relax, even when things are going well?

Perhaps you started your business during a time of acute stress (money or otherwise), or you have experienced a big shock, personal setback, relationship crisis, grief, ill health, money contraction, or the pandemic had a big impact on your business.

You went into a kind of survival mode and perhaps worked hard (fight mode) to keep your business going. This may have worked to some degree to keep you safe - but now it's time to come out of that energy - and thrive. 



Signs you might still be in a kind of survival mode include:

  • Finding it difficult/slow to take the actions you want to take, overthinking and going in circles (freeze)
  • Noticing it's hard to plan ahead or think about the future (freeze)
  • Not sure what you want - wait and see energy (freeze)
  • Needing to know something will definitely *work* before you proceed (freeze)
  • Fantasising about burning your business down or getting a job (flight) - but not in a rational, logical way

In this episode we talk about the kinds of things that can put you into a kind of survival mode in business, some of the signs of fight, flight, freeze and fawn that may linger after you move out of true survival mode - that you may wish to gently release.

We go deeper with this in my Unfreeze + Thrive workshops, check them out here: http://alignandattract.com/unfreeze

You can connect with me on Instagram here: http://instagram.com/kerryrowett

Disclaimer - there is a time and place to be in survival mode and if you're in acute financial or other stress - you need to take appropriate action. This episode and my workshop are not the answer to dealing with acute survival mode

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