Episode 81 A+A Podcast: 5 Ways to use your Intuition in Business

5 Ways to use your Intuition in Business

1 - To access new ideas + creativity - join my free webinar. I'll guide you through processes to help clear your mind, connect to the present and release any bigger emotions so you can access your best intuition and creativity: alignandattract.com/idea

2 - Tune into your ideal clients - meditation (we have one of these in my new program: Intuitive)

3 - Visualise a successful outcome of something - then allow your intuition to guide you to your first steps (you have a meditation for this process in Intuitive)

4 - Making decisions - this works best when we cultivate our present moment awareness and connection to our own body and instincts in an ongoing way. Use your body to feel into the options.

5 - Journalling. Try using open-ended questions you have about your business (the ones you just WISH someone else could answer for you!) and journalling on the answers.

 I always love hearing your thoughts over at Instagram: http://instagram.com/kerryrowett


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