Episode 80 A+A Podcast: Intuition and past lives

Intuition and past lives

I've been working with past lives since about 2010 and yet I think this episode is the first time I've talked about this publicly.

If you're open to exploring your past lives, they can be very helpful at revealing certain patterns and lessons, can sometimes help explain certain challenges you may experience in this lifetime and can also make you more aware of the possibilities and opportunities you DO have available in this lifetime. To me, it's more important to discern if the story that is revealed resonates with what you're going through or exploring in this lifetime and illuminates lessons - rather than proving if past lives are or are not real.


I share a few examples of past lives I've explored for myself when delving into deeply intuitive work, including as I now create my new program: Intuitive.

I also share a (free!) resource you can use to explore your own past lifetimes further if you wish.

In "Intuitive", I'll be taking us through a guided process in "Intuitive" to release an archetypical past life time that is relevant to the fabulous humans who do sign up to the program. Can't wait!

Have you joined the waitlist for my new course, "Intuitive" yet? You can do that here: http://alignandattract.com/intuitive

I always love hearing your thoughts over at Instagram: http://instagram.com/kerryrowett


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