Episode 75 A+A Podcast: 2023 - The Year Ahead!

2023 - The Year Ahead!

Have you ever looked into numerology for your personal and universal year?

2023 is a 7 year which can mean a greater focus on intuition and spirituality. Are you feeling that for this year?


Your personal year is important too - I'm currently in a 1 year and I talk about what that means for me and what I'll be creating this year.

Here's a calculator so you can determine your own personal year: https://affinitynumerology.com/numerology-tools/personal-year-calculator.php



Reiki Healing for 2023: alignandattract.com/reiki
Interest list for my upcoming course Intuitive: alignandattract.com/intuitive
Private sessions: alignandattract.com/private-sessions



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