Episode 72 A+A Podcast: She's in Business with Donna Hann

She's in Business with Donna Hann

This week I'm speaking with Donna Hann of She's in Business about how she has created her version of a beautifully aligned business - this requires so much intention and of course, a great deal of aligned action.

I met Donna in Uluru when I spoke at Tina Tower's conference and she has a wonderful infectious positive energy and so much experience in business, after having sold two previous businesses.

Donna now helps entrepreneurial Mums learn essential business strategies, reclaim their purpose and create a healthy work-life blend but Mum or not - I bet you'll get a lot from this episode.

I can't wait to hear your insights!

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This episode was part of my Your Aligned Business series where I interview fabulous business owners about the choices and decisions they've made to create THEIR version of an aligned business, to inspire you as you create YOURS.

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