Episode 65 A+A Podcast: What to do when Your Mindset takes a Dive

What to do when Your Mindset takes a Dive

Even if you usually have a great mindset, you might find that your mindset sometimes takes a dive. Perhaps you're not where you hoped you'd be, or you've experienced a disappointment or setback, and now you're questioning everything.

If you've ever had thoughts like:

  • Why am I here again?
  • Why is this happening?
  • Why is it taking so long?

This episode is for you.


Here's what I suggest you do:

1 - Clear some of the heavier emotions so you can think clearly

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2 - Zoom out and notice: is this a recurring cycle or just a temporary situation?

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3 - Who do you want to be as you navigate this situation? Take responsibility for what you can control

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4 - Develop a habit - observe what is happening, DECIDE how you'll respond (rather than being reactive)

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