Episode 6 A+A podcast: How do you align with your ideal clients?

How do you align with your ideal clients?

This is one of my favourite topics and something I've been supporting my clients in since way back in 2009 when I started my business.

I have a great free resource that supports this podcast episode. How To Align Your Energy To Attract Your Ideal Clients is a 75-minute free workshop over at alignandattract.com. I totally recommend you download and schedule in some time to listen.

Let's explore your ideal clients...

We need to get very clear on who these ideal clients are.

You might think I'm talking about niche, and I'm not exactly talking about niche. I'm certainly not saying, "Oh, look, it's fine if you can work with anyone and you can help them with anything". I'm not saying that at all. It is very important and very useful to have clarity on who it is that you best work with. What we're going to explore is going to help you get clarity. If you have no idea who your actual niche might be and you would like to get more clarity on that, there are so many people out there who teach that, but I teach alignment. And no matter how clear you currently are on your niche, this work is going to help you to gain more clarity and start to align your energy to attracting more of these clients.



Let's explore the qualities of the clients you'd like to attract.

When I refer to ideal clients, I'm talking about three different things. First of all, we're looking at the qualities of those ideal clients. I'll go through and explain some of the qualities that you may experience and notice. Then I'll guide you through aligning your energy to clients who have those qualities. And it's pretty powerful. I've had people have almost instantaneous experiences while they have been actually doing an alignment or immediately afterwards. They have clients book in, people email them, some really quite magical experiences... I would love to hear if you have one of those experiences. It really helps you with getting that alignment when we focus on the qualities of the people we want to attract.

The second part is the perspective that these clients might have. And also the perspective that you have which attracts your ideal clients. Finally, the issues or problems, needs or wants that your clients have that you really beautifully help them with. Let's go through each of these in detail.


Start thinking about the qualities, perspectives, issues and problems that your ideal clients have.

I'm going to share some of the qualities of ideal clients I have in my Align + Attract program. To help you to see what these qualities might actually look like. For me, the people who are ideal for Align + Attract are committed. They want to do the work, they follow through, they get these amazing results. They're self-aware, they tell their colleagues or their friends about the program and they're purpose driven. They're passionate about what they do and they've got this bigger picture reason why they want to do it. Those are the people I absolutely love to work with, and who benefit most when they engage with the program.

They're heart-centred, they've got these very strong values and integrity and that's why being in alignment and releasing the blocks that are holding them back are so important. They're creative, they're intuitive, and they are great at what they do. I love supporting people who are incredibly talented, but the thing that's holding them back is within them, it's their own attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, worries, overwhelm, fear - emotions that are within them.

That's what's holding them back from being able to take the aligned actions, which are going to help them create the kind of results they deserve.

Let's think about it in relation to your ideal clients... It could be the people who work with you one-on-one. You might be thinking about this in relation to a program or a course that you teach. Thinking about what, for a particular client or client that you already have, that you absolutely adore working with and who loves your work... What are some of the qualities of that person or people, and what makes them just so ideal to be working with you? They might show up, they might do their homework, they might follow through. It might be they can afford it. Of course, sometimes people can find that's a real barrier. They might find they're attracting people who say they love what they do, but then when it comes to actually signing up to something or committing to work with them, they say "Oh, but I can't afford it". So your ideal client would be someone who can afford it, values it or prioritises it.

You get to choose what qualities are important to you.

Spending time getting clarity on what those qualities are is really beneficial, especially if you're finding that certain things are happening in your business or certain behaviours... For example, it might be: "People email me all the time, but then they don't book in or they're emailing constantly in between sessions." When you're noticing these kinds of patterns and things that are going on, rather than getting into the drama or the story of that, when you've got this process to work with, you can instead just say: "Okay, that's what I'm noticing is happening, what is it that I really want?"

What is the quality that you're looking for in the clients that you love to work with? Align your energy with that.

It's empowering to feel like I can have a sense of being able to energetically become a match to the people that I work best with. And it can be very exciting to realise that I might have this core group of people that I love to work with. It's not that we're going to be excluding people, it's just that we're expanding our capacity to attract those most ideal people in terms of qualities.

How do you show up online? What issues do you engage with and what's important to you?

The next aspect in terms of our ideal clients is perspective. We'll start by thinking about your own perspective. When there are social issues or there are political issues or environmental issues, do you engage with those? Do you communicate about those types of things or do you keep a really narrow focus on the specific topic that you work with your clients on? Neither of those things is right or wrong, but your ideal clients are going to align with the way that you communicate, the way that you show up, the boundaries that you set. And it's really important to remember that you get to choose and decide that and to create this environment where the right people who are going to most resonant with you and most ideal to work with you - and by ideal I mean they're going to get the results that they desire. But it's also going to be a positive experience for you to work with them.

The way you show up and share and communicate is what's going to attract those people in.

If I'm thinking about the perspective of the clients who might join my program Align + Attract, they will feel like business needs to feel right. For someone who joins my program, they can't just go and learn somebody's marketing process or system and they're like, "Oh, wow, this was really spammy and really high pressure, but nevermind, I'm just going to go ahead and do it. It's fine." Right? They wouldn't feel like that. They would feel like "Oh, it needs to feel aligned. It needs to feel right for me."

It's important to create the right foundation and grow from that place.

My ideal clients have the perspective that a bigger picture is important. A mission is important to them. A sense of purpose is important. So again, it's not like, "Oh, I could make money doing this, I would just do this". It's more like something they feel called to do. It might be that the business side of it certainly at least initially has been the secondary consideration, but then maybe they've realised, "Oh, I need to also focus on business because I want to be able to create the kind of impact and help the number of people that I would love to be able to support."

My ideal clients feel like they need to create and grow their business with integrity.

My ideal clients need to be able to discern what's right for them and also see business as personal development. When issues come up or problems come up, they'll see it as, "Okay, well, this is something for me to work on, for me to develop, that's a particular block that I have and I can release that and then I can move forward". They've got that positive, proactive way of approaching their business and also their life, which means that they are really happy to learn how to release their own blocks. That's something they're going to be able to value because they value personal development in the first place.

If you think about your broader perspective, consider what's important to you...

What kinds of issues do you share about? Something like anti-racism, do you share your stance and also your learning in that kind of area? Other kinds of social issues or issues of equity or issues connected to things that are going on in the world. Is it important for you to share about those and to what extent do you share about them? What kinds of beliefs do you have that are reflected in the content that you share? What kind of perspectives do your ideal clients have and what makes them therefore so ideal to engage with your work and to work with you and to learn from you?

Ask yourself: What are the issues and problems your ideal clients experience?

Particularly, the issues and problems that they arrive with on their very first session with you, or when they join your group, program or e-course.  Here's an example: In my Align + Attract course, my ideal clients would feel like they're getting in their own way. They're getting stuck. And then they're not taking the kind of actions which would allow them to be more successful. They might be overthinking. They might be having fears around visibility. They might be experiencing self-doubt, confidence issues, having problems with boundaries, they might be getting overwhelmed, losing clarity, and maybe they aren't following through on what they know they need to do.

My ideal clients in Align + Attract, often will have learned a little bit about business already. I don't teach people how to create a business or how to completely start from the beginning if they are not already attracting some clients and don't have some kind of online presence already. There are things they don't feel like they're following through and implementing and taking action on, and it's because of their own internal blocks and emotions and thoughts and stories.

I help them powerfully shift that, so that they can take on actions which are going to have an impact.

When you're thinking about those issues and problems that your ideal clients have, you can then use that to guide the content that you're creating. A free webinar workshop or potentially an ebook or an audio, or even a podcast episode... What is it that would help your client while they are getting ready or figuring out if they would like to work with you? Help them to see how you can support them and really highlight your knowledge and your skills and the way you support people to transform. So how can you show that? By helping them to solve one of these issues or problems that you actually know they already have and it's going to then make them ideal to work with you, if they choose to take the next step.

If you haven't already, I recommend you download my free workshop on how to align your energy to attract your ideal clients. You can find that at alignandattract.com. If you haven't already subscribed to the podcast, please do so! And I would love it if you took a few minutes to write a review on your fave podcast app. Thank you!



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