Episode 43 A+A Podcast: My Alignment Masterstroke - Buying our Home

My Alignment Masterstroke - Buying our Home

Let me tell you about the time we went to an auction thinking we were there to watch - and ended up buying the house! So much alignment led to this outcome, I had to share the story with you.

You may find it helpful if you have your own big dream. I share all the work on did on my own alignment, even when this particular dream didn't feel at all possible, and how powerfully that supported me to take decisive action when the time was suddenly right.

I reference both @denistedt + @hayleycarr.tv in this ep and how I used learnings from each along the way. 

I also used my own alignment process and Align + Attract program alignandattract.com/course to align to my goal around purchasing a home.

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