Episode 34 A+A Podcast: Being Intentional with your Friend and Support Network

Being Intentional with your Friend and Support Network.

Who are the people who you are currently closest to? Do you feel like you have the connection you desire, and the support you need? 

According to Robin Dunbar, the brain has specific numbers of relationships we're able to maintain at any one time. In terms of our very closest relationships - we each have just 4-6! That includes family members. The next level out - our best friends and other family is 10-15, inclusive of the first group. It makes sense to be very intentional about who these people are. This doesn't necessarily mean cutting people off, just noticing where you put your time and energy.

We might feel we can manage more relationships than this but Dunbar says it's actually a zero sum game - if a significant new person comes in, it does push someone out. And spreading ourselves too thin by trying to sustain more close relationships doesn't necessarily work. 

This is so important for us to consider as entrepreneurs, especially those of us who work alone. Surrounding ourselves with great people can make a huge difference.

Take a listen to this episode and use it to reflect on your current friendships and support networks and any changes you'd like to make.


10% Happier Podcast I reference with Robin Dunbar as a guest

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