Episode 33 A+A Podcast: Creating Alignment from Chaos

Creating Alignment from Chaos

Does life feel a bit chaotic for you at the moment? If not, I'm sure you can remember a time it has. There can be everyday chaos such as the kind having little kids can create. Dealing with things like lockdowns can certainly create a feeling of chaos. Being tuned in to drama on or offline can contribute. Feelings of chaos can come from difficult relationships, or childhood stuff.

Then there is the kind of chaos that comes from rapid business growth. So much can be triggered as there's a lot to manage and you're constantly being called to step into the new identity of who you need to be to thrive at your next level. This is a big reason a lot of my private Kinesiology clients work with me

In this podcast episode, I asks you to consider anything that feels a bit chaotic in your own life right now and then we do a group Kinesiology session to balance ourselves. We use the goal: "I feel clear, calm and focused on what is important to me." I can't wait to hear your thoughts. 


I didn't go in to this episode thinking I had any chaos in my life but during the session I realised I feel like the future is a bit shaky (due to world and environmental chaos) and I also saw how I tap into chaos sometimes by doing (silly) things like reading online comments. Stopping that now! Ha! SO good to identify and release things like this and I'd love to hear your experience - share with me on Instagram.

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