Episode 32 A+A Podcast: Aligning to Abundance

Aligning to Abundance

What is abundance for you?

  • Does it relate to money and goals you might have in your business?
  • Is it about the quality of your relationships?
  • Is it about time and energy?
  • Is it about having a rich life and feeling gratitude for all you have?

Likely, your definition of true abundance will include a combination of most or all of these elements.

In this episode of the podcast, Kerry will help you to feel aligned with abundance. Go through the process and then observe what flows for you!



Kerry's Alignment Process

In this podcast episode we used Kerry's Alignment Process which she created/downloaded in 2011. Since then she's taught it to hundreds of heart-centred business owners like you who have shared incredible shifts and changes. So many have called it life-changing.

DIY Kinesiology Kit

If you'd like to align to your personal goals using the Alignment Process, check out Kerry's DIY Kinesiology Kit: alignandattract.com/diy-kinesiology-kit

Align + Attract group program

If you'd like to create or upgrade and align to the foundations of your business including your big picture goals, ideal clients, pricing, income goals and ideal numbers, check out Kerry's group program Align + Attract: alignandattract.com/course

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