Episode 27 A+A Podcast : Future You Visualisation for Stressful Times

Future You Visualisation for Stressful Times

At the time of publishing this episode (August 2021), a lot of Australia is in lockdown. If you're feeling the stress of that - or feeling stuck or challenged in any other way - I created this episode for you.

Lots of my clients, peers and friends are finding this period of time rough. Whilst we're not in lockdown in Adelaide, I've recently been reminded of a time in my life where I did feel very restricted and stuck.

I had very challenging period some years ago now after leaving a difficult relationship situation. I had some deep healing work to do but as I started to feel better, I felt unable to move forwards until an external thing happened - selling a property I was responsible for.

In the meantime, I was 36, living with my parents in the country whilst paying that mortgage, yet to even start re-establishing myself in Adelaide - a place I hadn't lived in for 15 years.  I was grateful for my parents' support but it not what I had envisaged for my life. I was already upset at time I had lost - or to my mind wasted - and more waiting was really adding salt in the wound!

One of the things that helped me while I was in that seemingly never-ending holding pattern (10 months in the end) was to start to cast my mind forward, to see way past the current situation and to visualise myself in the future, when the current events would just be a distant memory, a story - just as they are now.

So that was the inspiration for this Future You Visualisation. If you're feeling stuck or powerless, I truly hope it serves you. If you feel great - bookmark it for another time + please share the episode with a friend who might find it helpful.

I'm now 7 years on from that time and have a wonderful fiance and two beautiful children who are 4 and nearly 2. None of this was in my future you visualisation at the time - that would have seemed too far fetched! I was just hoping to feel happy and free.

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