Episode 26 A+A Podcast : Using Your Creativity to Create More Alignment

Using Your Creativity to Create More Alignment

How aligned do you currently feel with your own message?

At certain times you might find you want to develop a stronger connection with your own business messages. This is true in the early days of business, but also after you've had a break away from your business, perhaps after having children, or when you feel like you've lost a bit of focus. 

At these times, you could consider using your creativity to create more alignment through embarking on a project and communicating your message in new or more consistent ways, creating clarity and momentum.

I've done this myself early in my business, through blogging, after having my son, when I wrote my book, and again after having my daughter, when I started this podcast.

Let's dive in ...

What might you try?

  1. Choose a medium that matches your strengths and goals, that you believe your ideal clients will connect with - book, daily Facebook or Insta Liv, regular reels (perhaps choose a target number), podcast
  2. Ask yourself: What would be helpful to my ideal clients? Answer questions, how to's, themes coming up with clients, things your clients get stuck on, processes you use, what are my core messages?
  3. Review how your project is going and refine your process.

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