Episode 25 A+A Podcast : What can you do when you're doing all the right things and it's just not working

What to do when you're doing ALL the right things - and it's not working.

It's the worst. You know you're doing the right things. You've read books, learnt from mentors, hired coaches, watched what others do. You're doing the things that other people do to achieve success. It can feel so frustrating! Why isn't it working for you? 

When you're in this place, my guess is that you've gotten caught up in a) being busy doing stuff, and b) looking outside yourself.

My advice? Reconnect - to yourself, to your ideal clients, and to what you actually offer and sell.

Let's dive in...

What should you do when you're doing all the right things and nothing is working?

Here's my advice:

  1. Re-establish connection with yourself. How? Journalling, use the prompts in my Align + Attract book, meditate, walk, align to a goal using my alignment processbook a Kinesiology session
  2. Re-establish connection with your ideal clients. Who are they? What do they want and need? How can you help them?  Check out: alignandattract.com/idealclients
  3. Re-establish connection with what you offer and are selling. Is the name and description/sales page really clear? Does it make sense to your ideal clients? Do you communicate the value? Is it easy to buy from you?

As I say in the episode, if you're really stuck, booking a Kinesiology session is my go-to. You want to move out of this feeling of "nothing is working" fast, and Kinesiology can give you some deeper insights into what's going on, and really help you super-charge your connection with yourself.

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