Episode 24 A+A podcast: Aligning with your Life Purpose with Daria Schwarzenböck

Aligning to Your Life Purpose with Daria Schwarzenböck

This episode of the Align + Attract podcast is part of my "Your Aligned Business" series where I interview a range of business owners about their aligned businesses to give you inspiration for yours.

I met Daria Schwarzenböck when she joined Align + Attract late 2020 and her journey in the course was an inspiring one I wanted to share with you!

A live round of Align + Attract is running during June - read more and join us if you feel inspired.

Daria is a transformation coach, a deep transformation channel, from Belarus, now living in Austria. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs, great healers, coaches & therapists who already mastered all of the strategy and marketing hacks, energy and mindset tools, to get to the next level in their business with ease. But - differently.

Healing and releasing the deepest buried wounds and blocks with ease, reconnecting even more to your soul and to the divine and from this connection & deep knowing, warmth & trust of being on the right path - acting and being successful in your soul business. 

Daria gained clarity on her life purpose during Align + Attract, which just so happens to involve helping her clients connect with theirs...

Are you connected to your life purpose?

As Daria and I discuss in this episode, very often the work you feel most called to do with your clients is the very thing you need yourself. Is that true for you?

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