Episode 23 A+A Podcast : Creative sparks with Erica Boettcher

Creative Sparks with Erica Boettcher

Creative Sparks with Erica Boettcher is part of the "Your Aligned Business" series where I interview people about their aligned businesses to give you inspiration for YOUR aligned business.

Erica is a mother of two, a kinesiology practitioner and teacher who loves working with children and adults from her clinic, Eastern Balance Kinesiology in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Erica joined my Align + Attract program in 2017, and shares how she used her alignments to work on attracting more wonderful clients into her Kinesiology practice and then a lovely story from 2020 when an alignment led to a beautiful creative spark which she went on to develop into a whole new creation.

Let's dive in...

Align + Attract

Align + Attract is enrolling now with a new live round starting May 31st. If you'd love to create more alignment in your business, read more and join us here: alignandattract.com/course

Erica's Fruitful Feelings cards were created to nurture children’s connection with their emotions, help them be in tune with their bodies and understand themselves better so they can confidently express how they feel.

Find Erica + her cards here: easternbalancekinesiology.com


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