Episode 21 A+A Podcast: Creating and Re-Creating Your Beautifully Aligned Business with Emma Polette

Creating and Re-Creating Your Beautifully Aligned Business with Emma Polette

This interview is part of my Your Aligned Business series where I talk to inspiring business owners about THEIR inspiring businesses to give you inspiration for YOURS. Find the ep on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

After years of having her self-esteem battered by the corporate boys club while dealing with Stage 4 endometriosis, Emma Polette ditched her six-figure corporate career in Sydney and moved to Albany, Western Australia to start her multi-passionate business.  She is now a personal trainer, yoga teacher, reiki master and creator of the certified body love coach program, The Body Love Academy. As Emma likes to say, she’s a woman with a big belly and a big heart and she’s on a mission to help women love themselves more every day.

I first met Emma Polette in 2016 when she joined Align + Attract. Over the next couple of years (with some health challenges and a hysterectomy in the middle), Emma created a business that was wonderfully aligned for her and growing beautifully... and then Covid hit, changing everything. As she shares her journey, you can hear different seasons she's moved through.

Join us for an inspiring chat...

Learning how to unhook from outcomes

So often, we feel successful when things are going well in our business, and then less successful when things aren't working like we expected. Emma talks about the fact that, like Leonie Dawson, she is leaning in to what feels really good.

Emma shares, "I feel like for the first time ever, I'm not doing things because I think it's going to have a certain outcome, I'm just doing things because they feel really good to me. But when I do that, things change. I get a new client. I sell out a class." 

Operating from an abundance mindset

When we trust in ourselves and our businesses, we can give ourselves permission to do what feels right. Even when things are beautifully aligned, and you feel a sense of momentum we can trust that it's ok to slow down.

Emma says, "I can stop, and rest, and that's ok too. In the past, when I had momentum, I felt like I had to keep going. Like if I do something wrong, everything will blow up. Now I can trust."

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Resources mentioned

Align + Attract group program: alignandattract.com/course
Emma's website: emmapolette.com
Emma's Instagram: http://instagram.com/emma.polette   
Come and tell me what you loved about this episode on Instagram: http://instagram/kerryrowett 

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